Walking In The Sky

My mommy is in town for the holidays this weekend! It’s always a little surreal when she visits, because we go out into the city together, and she has to overlay L.A. in 2006 with the city she knew forty years ago. And today, I took her to one of the newest additions to our shared hometown: the Disney Concert Hall, because I wanted to show her the walkway and roof gardens.

This is one of those places I didn’t know was there until last week, when I went on Charles Phoenix’s tour of Downtown. (Dear Readers: I, Jillian, owe you one (1) writeup of the downtown tour, which I have not had time to do justice to this week) He led us up the steps on the west side of the building, and suddenly, we were in the State’s Smallest State Park, looking out at the San Gabriels from between the plants and trees. And then we climbed MORE stairs, and found ourselves looking out, over the metal sheets, across the entire Southland.

If you’re downtown, especially on a glorious day like today, I highly recommend climbing the stairs to see it. But it’s just one more place that is almost magical to me, in how pretty it is, yet so hidden from the city consciousness. And corners like that, are what make Los Angeles so absolutely fascinating to me.