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Today I almost missed the protest, I was sleeping in and when I woke up it was about 11am and upon hearing two helicopters in the air, I jumped out of bed, grabbed my cameras and headed down to Broadway. Luckily I was right on time to catch the march as it passed 6th street. I would say it was somewhere around 3 or 4 thousand students, parents and their supporters on the street. Once again the flags flying were almost entirely American flags, once again the protesters were completely peaceful. I ran in to Don Garza who was also taking pictures. I walked with them down to city hall and then listened to the speakers for about an hour before I walked back home.



Sen. Romero and Sen. Cedillo

Louise Corales


[My complete set of photos can be found here.]

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  1. I’m honestly curious; what is the prevailing thought about these protests among the bloggers?

    Do you think immigration should never be illegal? Anyone from any country can come into the U.S. and become a citizen if they want?

    Or – do you think anyone who manages to get into the U.S. should be entitled to all the rights of a citizen, even if they immigrated illegally?

    Or – do you think illegal immigrants should not have some of the rights of citizens (such as voting) but should have other rights (such as public schooling and/or public medical care)?

    Or – do you think illegal immigrants should have no rights, but should not be prosecuted for being here illegally.

    I’m honestly confused. The general attitude seems to be supportive of these protests, but what is the goal?


  2. Great pics dave .

    Am putting mine up as we speak.

    I went to the Fred Jordan Mission to get pics over there. I see our freind Gil Cedillo was there. Sorry I didn’t get to hear him speak. Had to document what is happening in Central City East. Then I headed over to Olvera street to get photos of the Blessing of the animals.

    Great photo of Gil Cedillo

  3. Ole:
    You may be surprised to know that none of individual bloggers here could give an honest assessment of what the “prevailing view” on any topic happens to be. Not every blogger here discusses an issue, and, as you’ll see, our points of view often differ.

    Regardless, I think we’d all agree that the immigration protests have both direct and indirect impacts on the citizens of Los Angeles, and thus the people who read this blog. As such, a number of us, again, with different points of view, will often post on this issue.

    I, for one, am a critic of the rhetoric coming from both sides of the issue. I think we have laws that need to be recognized, and should have been enforced, and a situation that has gotten way out of control. I believe by and large the illegal immigrants here are good, honorable people… but I’m skeptical of which laws they will respect, since they’ve already ignored both immigration and labor laws. And I believe that the willingness of so many illegal immigrants to work cheaply is a drag on the already low wages of the lower class in America. Regardless, as a matter of practicality, a compromise needs to be reached. Our borders need to be more strongly protected, but we also need to make the path to legal immigration much easier. I also think we need to eventually have more swift and effective laws and enforcement against illegal immigration — but not until the current situation is taken under control, which, unfortunately, may require amnesty for millions.

    That said, my opinion on this changes almost daily.

    More importantly, while I’ve only been a blogger here for the past few months, not once have I seen, read, or felt any sort of editorial pressure from the Metroblogging management.

  4. “may require amnesty for millions.”

    You’re putting the horse before the cart.

    First and foremost, the borders need to be made less porous. Until that’s done, nothing else matters.

  5. Saying that we have too many aliens here so they need to be legalized is like saying we have to omany criminals with guns so we ought to legalize gun ownership amongst criminals. Both parties want the low wages and the votes in this country, but they are selling out America for a few bucks. It’s like a bad leak in your pool with dirt getting in. These folks are the poor and untrained. What ever happened to immigrants wanting to bring things to this USA such as skills and honor? These people want to turn this place into Aztlan, they don’t want to be Americans. I am an immigrant and I adapted quickly.

  6. Hmmm….hero-worshipping Che Guevara whilst “proudly” carrying little sticks of Old Glory.

    Sorry muchachos….but this land-stealin’ honkie ain’t buyin’ what yer sellin’

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