11 thoughts on “AHHHH! Manuggs!”

  1. Seeing how close that guy is to the man-eating luggage conveyor belt . . . well, I think we all know he’s just seconds from catching his fleecy leg in and being badly mangled to death in a hail of metal sheets and Samsonite coordinate set pieces . . . .

  2. Nothing? Have you seen those tall furry boots that look like bear claws yet? They so look great with the t-shirt/scarf/skirt assemble.

  3. Hey how did you get my picture? Were you on Alaksa Air with me?!

    I have been wearing Uggs since way before they were “cool”. For your information, sufers in SoCal and Oz have been wearing them for years because they’re warm and comfortable, and not bad for rock hopping on your way out to the point break, Rincon in the Winter is the perfect example of where Uggs rule.

    Should I stop wearing them just because now a bunch of chicks like Paris Hilton wear then? OK you are the cool arbiter, you mock me on your website– but do you know how to gleam the cube? Methinks the bonner doth protest too much. Fashion Faux-pas in your past? I’m certain of it.

  4. Because they are comfy!!!!! And good birth control devices for women! Ugg wearers unite!

  5. A little captain in him! Ha!

    Uggs are fine on the pool deck or on the beach between sets. They were fine during campfires at summer camp when I was a kid.

    They are NOT fine in most other contexts.

    Especially when they’re all crushed down and the person wearking them is walking on the sides with the flat part all squished out. Ick! Like footie-jammies gone bad.

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