Abate This

36128_hammerandnail.jpgIt’s Saturday morning and I’ve got some jetlag so I wanted to sleep in.

It was not to be. There’s a fourplex across the street from us that was abandoned a couple of years ago and it’s finally been sold and they’re rehabbing it. I guess they’re so hot to finish their work that they arrived this morning at 7AM and proceeded to start yelling.

Honestly, I can put up with the banging and the trucks coming and going, but yelling is just something that my brain needs to process before dismissing. And that keeps me up.

I know there’s an ordinance that prohibits this sort of thing so early in the morning, but we didn’t want to get all police-calling on their noisy butts. So The Man just walked across the street and asked them to shut up for an hour or so. They actually did. Of course I’m already awake now, but maybe they’ll remember this next Saturday.

Now I need to get parking enforcment over here to put up a new “no parking” sign before people start moving in and thinking they can park on that side of the street like all the construction vehicles are.