Show me the taint! you’ve ever wanted your chance to be a nude model, but have held back for one reason or another, here’s an opportunity for everyone.

Ex-stripper, deceased Street Wars assassin, and “now fairly successful photographer” Jennifer Alicia Grant is looking for people of “all shapes and sizes”…

I am beginning a new photo series/project and am looking for people who would like to be involved. Each shoot will be relatively quick. No hair and make up preparation needed. Some nudity involved BUT NOTHING even remotely pornographic OR soft lame black and white fine art crap. All models will have their faces covered, but be nude. NOTHING pornographic.

She’s looking for your average girls next door, as well as any Tom, Dick, or Harry… with emphasis on the middle one.

Jennifer is open to having the privates of shy models covered, for example, by a disco ball, red heart pillowcase, or whatever fits the overall theme of the shoot.

To submit or for more info, contact Jennifer at [email protected]

(photo credit: Jennifer Alicia Grant)