into this house we’re born

It is absolutely pouring rain here in Pasadena, which would really be fucking with my head if I wasn’t a weather nerd who obsessively checked the Weather Underground at least twice a day, just so I know what’s going on. Yesterday, it was 80 degrees, and my wife and I spent the entire day working in our yard, because we didn’t want to waste the sunshine.

Heh. As if on cue, the second I hit return on that last sentence, a downpour opened up over my house that is so severe, I can’t see across the street. Awesome.

Anyway, about an hour ago, I took a break from shredding the universe on Guitar Hero because my dogs were going absolutely apeshit at something outside. I walked to the kitchen window, looked out, and saw a group of kids who live up the street, soaked to the bone, chasing homemade boats down the river which is flowing where the gutters usually are.

It is during these moments that living in suburbia isn’t all that bad.

3 thoughts on “into this house we’re born”

  1. Dude, what are you saying 80 degrees yesterday? My car has a thermometer and I was on East Foothill and it was 87 outside, which as everyone knows is the difference between comfortably warm and Fahrenheit 451.

    You must live in the right part of town to have children of all things dare to go in the street. Where I live, when it poured a few moments ago, all I saw was a Chevy Suburban and two GMC Yukons totally tailing a hatchback to pressure it to go more than fifty on a 35mph street.

  2. Pasadena isn’t suburbia. It’s a small town. It’s always been a small town. It wasn’t built as a suburb, and in fact has it’s own suburbs (Hasting Ranch, Chapman Woods, etc.).

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