I feel like I live in Santa Monica…

with my uppity neighbors telling me I can’t park my monster truck on the street near their house. What up with that? It’s a public street right? Instead, they want me to park the 35 inch wheels that drive up mountains in Death Valley and won’t be stopped by an LA city curb on my steep inclined hillside street. I usually park it on a flat piece of land, whether in city or country. It’s not even in front of THEIR house. They just don’t like to look at it.

I hate to break it to you people, but this is not Santa Monica – no matter how much you drive your Porsche Boxter and Mercedes. Go two blocks down the hill and you’ll be dealing with the backyard roosters, broken down cars on the side of the road and yard debris by the side of the street. And around the corner more than a few lifted off-road vehicles and an RV someone lives in. Maybe it’s time to think about moving back to Bel Air… it’s an easier commute to your studio gig.

One thought on “I feel like I live in Santa Monica…”

  1. Reminds me of my ex’s next door neighbors who always left notes on my car and his telling us not park their cars in front of their house. It’s a public fucking street people! It’s not like I’m living it there forever. UGH >:(

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