Sony Baby Attacked by Bees!

If anonymous reports over at Defamer are to be believed, killer bees are attacking Sony!

“[A friend] just called from the Clark Gable building on the Sony Lot to inform me that a huge swarm of what appear to be Africanized bees have invaded. Their building has been sealed (with the workers trapped inside) while the fire department, etc. try to figure out what to do.”

No word yet if the Bees flew in just for the attack, worked on the set, or lived in the mouths of studio guard dogs. Any readers have some scoop on this?

6 thoughts on “Sony Baby Attacked by Bees!”

  1. Good God, do I love those targeted Google ads. Sony would do well to click that first link..

  2. Africanised Bees?

    How does a bee become “Africanised” then? Is there some kind of process?

  3. well bees show up often at universal studios. on the citywalk part, the theme park and the movie lot. if they’re the same bees i doubt they’re africanized.

  4. Africanised bees are a result of a botched cross-breeding. Two species of honeybee were used – one from South America that were rather docile, and one from Africa that tended to sting the bejeezus out of anything that got within a substantial radius of their nest, but produced a ridiculously large amount of honey. Scientists tried to cross-breed to get the best of both worlds – and got the worst instead – and in the past couple of decades the bees have made their way to the American Southwest.

    As for this incident: I could wax political and talk about how even Nature is fed up with Sony’s public behaviour, but there ARE real people in potential danger here, working for a faceless conglomerate or not, and seeing anyone hurt by the bees would be sad.

  5. Rather late but I got confirmation from a friend who works on the lot that they were in “Code 4” lockdown with all doors and windows shut while security waiting for reinforcements to take down the bees. She did not say if she knows what sort of reinforcements or indeed how one “takes down” killer bees, but she seems to find the whole thing somewhat amusing so I doubt it was too serious.

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