People Live in Vernon?

I had always been under the impression that the quaint city of Vernon was entirely zoned for industrial and commercial properties without any residential zoning at all. Thinking about that I do suppose it would make electing officials a bit difficult, and as it turns out the elected officials have found a workaround for that. There are several city owned apartments where city officials live. Those officials make up the 100 person population of Vernon and are the only registered voters who live there… that is, until 8 new residents moved in to questionable zoned building and nominated themselves for some city council positions of which a few had been held for over 50 years by the same people. The elected officials in said positions then took it upon themselves to tail the new residents with private investigators, turn off their buildings power, red tag it, and eventually to drill out the locks and evict them. Now the city is sitting on the votes from the recent election and refuses to count them until a court case that could potentially strip 73 voters of their voting rights in Vernon finishes. I always knew Vernon was a strange place, but I had no idea how fucked up it really was.

3 thoughts on “People Live in Vernon?”

  1. Yeah I was on a mission to take industrial photos (which I’m saving for a potential gallery showing) and ran in to the creepy farmer john murals. Those are totally hilarious. I didn’t realize I was in Vernon when I was shooting and ran in to those murals. Too funny.

  2. We used to live very near Vernon, and have long known of its incredibly shady particulars. I’ve been following the tv news coverage of this new election tussle and it’s re-ignited my Quest For Knowledge about Vernon.

    This is a juicy Raymond Chandler/James Ellroy story just WAITING to burst forth here.

    Unfortunately, I am not the journalist to pursue it. Sure would love to read it though….

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