Downtown response time

Eric Richardson just made a post called
No Tow Trucks Downtown? where he’s documenting an accident that happened on 7th street and how long it’s taking various city services to show up and clear the thing out:

Accident on 7th…You’ve got a disabled vehicle blocking a full direction on 7th Street, and it’s been there for over a half hour at this point. Still there’s no tow-truck, and 7th Street looks good and backed up.

After three or four minutes an ambulance stopped. He checked to make sure everyone was ok, and seems to have listened to the stories about what happened. After maybe 25 minutes the BID’s purple people showed up and set up the fun bike traffic block. And only now, a good half hour after the thing occured (and after I took the picture), did LAPD arrive.

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  1. Meanwhile….our esteemed Mayor “Coyote” VillaMecha spends his time marching in reconquista parades with ‘the shadow peoples’.

    Perhaps if there weren’t upwards of 3 million unwanted ‘guests’ in our fair city, we might possibly have enough money and resources for the legal residents of Los Angeles.

    This past Monday night, I personally had to wait 1 1/2 hours for a parking control officer to arrive at my residence in order to cite and tow an illegally-parked vehicle. The dispatcher told me it was because officers had to be temporarily reassigned due to the immigration protests.

    I’m beyond anger at this point. The feeling now is more akin to slitting your wrists and stepping into a warm bath.

  2. LAPD doesn’t respond to car accidents unless there is damage to city property or injuries. It isn’t the city’s job to be a wrecking service, it is the responsibility of the car owners to remove their vehicles from the road if they are in an accident. I am pretty sure there were more important things going on for the LAPD to deal with than playing AAA.

  3. Dave — But yet the MTA pays for tow trucks on the freeways. It would seem to me that 7th street is important enough to Downtown that someone would force the vehicle to be moved if those involved were going about it fast enough on their own.

  4. Yeah, it would make sense for the city to have some type of wrecking service that was used to help people instead of just towing away cars parked illegally… but I have a feeling that won’t happen any time soon!

  5. I’m glad to hear that our crew made it by promptly and offered a sympathetic ear, yet sorry that they couldn’t do more.

    Lest I be mistaken, our City’s own transportation maven (yes, it is a complimentary term), Councilmember Wendy “the barber” Greuel actually raised the issue recently of a possible municipal service operating on city streets in a manner similar to the Metro Freeway Service Patrol.

    At least that’s what I recall. I don’t have access to the Council Record or Press Releases at this time, but I’ll try to look into the matter.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey


    Public Service Officer

    ** I use the term ‘barber’ with affection, as Ms. Greuel was kind enough to shave my head this past month in a fundraiser for children with cancer. She’s actually pretty good with a pair of shears.

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