Who is Francine Dancer?

Seriously. Why didn’t any of you people with TV tell me things like this were happening? I’m housesitting this weekend and was flipping through channels, only moments ago, when I stumbled across this:

WHAT?! I was kind of dumbfounded. Okay, I was really dumbfounded. Who is this strange woman? Why is she wearing a bikini. . .on tv? and dancing? I had way too many questions and no answers. After shooting some video of the television (I wasn’t sure I could describe what was happening and have people believe me, I needed proof!) I found some answers via google and Public Access Hollywood.

Francine Dancer is one of Hollywood’s most famous public access TV personalities but she’s not your typical Hollywood celebrity. She doesn’t take a limo to the studio, she uses a wheelchair. She doesn’t live in the Hollywood Hills, she lives on the streets of Hollywood. She doesn’t dine at Spago, she can be found at free church dinners. These setbacks don’t stop her from producing her weekly variety show.

Still dumbfounded. Did you people know about this?!

12 thoughts on “Who is Francine Dancer?”

  1. We used to watch Francine Dancer, back when we lived in Hollywood and still had cable TV. We also used to see her panhandling in a wheelchair on Hollywood Blvd. all the time.

    Good times.

  2. I used to see her panhandleing in her wheelchair ALL the time. I had no idea she had a Cable Access show, or that she could walk, let alone “dance.”

    Oh, and, “Ew.”

  3. YES, Francine Dancer! I believe her…shenanigans go on for an entire half an hour too! It’s like a strange long lost episode of Golden Girls on 15 hits of acid.

  4. WOW! I’ve heard that she has a public access show. I work over on fountain and highland and see her scooting by EVERY SINGLE DAY. It has all been explained to me now, maybe it would have been better left unknown.

  5. Francine Dancer. Goddess. She was always so polite and would offer a wave from her wheelchair as I drove by and called out her name. I miss LA public access TV – here in the barren wasteland of Phoenix.

  6. Man, if we could get her, Robin Byrd and Al Goldstein together………..

    Sometimes I actually miss TV.

  7. (not that I’m about always correcting you, Dave, but) The show was called “Colin’s SLEAZY Friends.”

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