Students Still Organizing Against HR 4437


High school and middle school students may no longer be walking out en masse, but they are still organizing against enforcement-only immigration reform. On Saturday, April 15, students and supporters of humane immigration reform will participate in a Mass Student March from Olympic & Broadway to City Hall.

The Mass Student March will honor the memory of Anthony Soltero, a 14-year old boy from Ontario who committed suicide on March 30.

From what I know (via email announcements) the march has been organized by the Coalition of United Students. The CUS will also be holding a press conference today as Casa del Mexicano in East LA.

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Coalición de Estudiantes Unidos
Coalition of United Students


Media Contacts:

Sara Kozameh (310) 429-6694
Yecica Garcia (323) 496-3579

WHAT: Press Conference
WHERE: Casa del Mexicano
2900 Calle Pedro Infante, Los Angeles CA 90063
WHEN: Wednesday April 12th, 2006

The Coalition of United Students will be holding a press conference at 5 PM on Wednesday April, 12th announcing that they have decided to dedicate the MASS STUDENT MARCH 2006 (Gran Marcha Estudiantil 2006) to the 14 year old boy, Anthony Soltero, who in response to threats from the school administration after student walk-outs, committed suicide last week. The press conference will address the latest wave of repression occuring both inside and outside of schools with reference to students being forced to urinate in buckets during school lockdowns. The students will be responding to accusations and commentary in the media about a lack of participation and support from multi-ethnic groups in the new immigrant movement for legalization. The students will also announce support that they have thus far recieved from public officials for the MASS STUDENT MARCH 2006.

The MASS STUDENT MARCH 2006 will be held at 10 AM, on Saturday April 15th, beginning on Olympic and Broadway and ending at L.A. City Hall. The program includes a variety of speakers and performers to be announced at a later date.

The Coalition of United Students and the MASS STUDENT MARCH 2006 is fully supported by the March 25th Coalition and actively supports the GREAT AMERICAN BOYCOTT 2006 on May 1st.

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3 thoughts on “Students Still Organizing Against HR 4437”

  1. Exploitation, plain and simple.

    I certainly hope this glorification of a suicide doesn’t inspire more.

    Seperately, I would like to hear and read more about what lengths school administrators have gone to keep students in school.

  2. This Anthony Soltero was born in the United States and was a U.S. citizen who was 100% protected by the U.S. constitution. He didn’t attend the protest, and he was on probation at school. How is he a martyr?

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