Ride Out with your Bike Out

Do you have a bike? Do you find yourself sitting in your car going insane, dreaming of being on two wheels rolling around the concrete jungle? Have you ever wanted to just ride around town and see some art or push your pedals with hundreds of other cyclists? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions you should grab your wheels and head down to one of the group rides that is taking place tomorrow and Friday night. Tomorrow is the Downtown Art Ride which Eric Richardson and I started about 6 months ago. The ride coincides with the Downtown Art Walk and we try and make it to all the galleries on the walk except the Library and the MOCAs. Bring a lock (actually we’re trying to have somebody out front watching bikes) and a helmet along with a light and your drinking shoes as most of the galleries have free booze.

Then on Friday night is Los Angeles’ largest group ride, Midnight Ridazz. The theme this month is ¡Viva la Revolución! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!.

Midnight Ridazz celebrates the revolutionary roots of Los Angeles!

In 1531 the Virgin of Guadalupe, a mixture of the Virgin Mary and the
Aztec goddess Coatlicue, appeared to the peasant Indian Juan Diego.
In his native language she promised to protect his people. Declared
the patron saint of Mexico, of the Revolution, of Chicanos
everywhere, Guadalupe continues to be a symbol of hope and rebellion.

This Friday, Ridazz will follow her glorious path through Los Angeles:

April 14, 2006
Meet at 9:30pm
Ride at 10pm
Pioneer Chicken
Echo Park and Sunset

No littering!
No rider left behind!

Ride by Xochitl and Dr. Bell

PS reminder from skull: you are required by law to
have a light on the front and at least a reflector in
the back. What you do with this info is your bidness.


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