A Modest Proposal

It is quite depressing to see immigrant mothers with their gaggle of children on the streets of Los Angeles walking around, forced to take sub-minimum wage for their hard work. These families didn’t have the money or time to immigrate here legally so they resorted to crossing the border illegally. Some clean floors, others pick fruit, many take care of our children to feed their children who as they grow up go to fight foreign wars in the name of our country at the behest of George the Pretender or are sold into prostitution on the streets of Skid Row.

It is apparent to everyone that these poor impoverished babies of the immigrants greatly contribute to the sad state of our nation and any person who could come up with a solid solution to the creeping problem would be a hero of the people. It is not my goal to simply solve the problem of these children, but also of their parents and the drain they place upon our economy. It is quite obvious that any current problem in out nation can be traced back to these people who have come in to our great land that we have been entitled to by God.

The simple solution to these problems is the creation of camps in which we can “concentrate” the population of these law breaking heathens. We’ll call them Immigrant Concentrating Camps. We can build farms around these camps and after we round up all these illegals and lock them up, we can force them to work at these camps picking our food. Instead of a wall at the border, I propose we build a giant mote which feeds into a slide that simply drops the immigrants directly into the concentrating camps. Once these interned illegal immigrants are no longer useful we can send them back to whence they came as new forms of export good like soap, lamp shades and buttons. It is a perfect solution, I wonder why nobody has though of it before?

14 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal”

  1. Jonathan Swift’s satirical essay from 1729 was called A MODEST PROPOSAL (my link to it is in my previous comment).

    Could you really mean you wrote the original post without knowing that?

  2. I realize you’re being facetious but that’s exactly the kind of bullsh*t attitude I was referencing when I said that we as a society are getting dumber every day. Guess I should have added “lazier” to that as well.

  3. Personally I think we’re getting smarter every day. There is an amazing amount of knowledge in the world and it grows in size and span every day, every hour and every minute. Kids are smarter than ever and they learn faster and go further than we or our parents ever did. And btw it is ok to say fuck, shit, satan, death, sex, drugs and rape on here.

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