Venice High Encouraging Protesting Students?

CODEPINK’s L.A. HQ is very close to Venice High School. So last week, some of the girls walked over to donate umbrellas to protesting students. And it seems that the students are actually being encouraged to protest during certain periods of the day. The teachers are supervising students who wish to protest outside, along Venice Boulevard, during lunch, and, I believe, civics and health periods.

I’m wondering if there are any schools out there that are helping students to protest instead of trying to stop them? In the wake of the horror stories about schools terrorizing their students, are there any tales of supportive teachers and administrative figures who have decided to help rather than hinder those students who want to take part in the civil rights issues at stake here?

2 thoughts on “Venice High Encouraging Protesting Students?”

  1. I wonder if the staff are actually encouraging the students, or if the school is just concerned about liability in some form so they’re just providing, essentially, chaperones.

  2. I’m all for student rights, but the school shouldn’t, by any means, be encouraging kids to protest one way or another.
    Nor should they discourage kids from protesting.
    All they should be concerned about is teaching kids and keeping them IN SCHOOL.
    Even chaperones equates consent – a dangerous ground on many levels. (Are they going to chaperone some students to the group of counter protesters?)
    Personally, I’d encourage my own children to dissent, and might even allow them to join the protests. But to have the school do so is totally inappropriate.

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