Morning Diversion: Silver Lake Streetfiti

Streetfiti No. 1

Being so decidedly anti-vandalism, I suppose I should provide some rationalization as to why I’m not as vehemently infuriated by taggers of pavement as I am by taggers of walls. Maybe it’s because concrete scrivenings are legible, for the most part. Or that they are so much less visible and obtrusive than their sprayed counterparts. Certainly they are far more durable and permanent, and thus their appeal might lie in how they make me recall our pteroglyphing ancients who answered the urge all of us have make our mark. To be remembered. Or perhaps I was just looking for some thing or some theme to help freshen up the morning walk around the hood.

Anyway, it was Robert, above, immortalizing himself way back in 1974 near the intersection of Bellevue and Tularosa (map) that got me started. Replete with Walk of Fame-like hand and barefoot print, he’s my favorite of the others you’ll find in my soon-to-be-added-to Streetfiti set over on Flickr.

One thought on “Morning Diversion: Silver Lake Streetfiti”

  1. Nice. One night I was walking up fact at the light on west side of the street at Melrose. Looked down, saw the Blue Oyster Cult logo, you know the weird inverted question mark..had a laugh…then noticed the same guy also scrawled AEROSMITH into the concrete. A sign of the times…

    that guy must be in his 50’s by now at least but his art, hius message still endures.

    ROCK N ROLL!!!!!

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