Help “Weird Al” Get His Star on the Walk of Fame don’t normally plug events, but sometimes a cause grips you by the heart with one hand, the balls in the other, and gives a giant tug squeeze (edited per readers comments).

In this case, its the injustice that we all dare not speak: the absence of Weird Al Yankovic’s Yankouvic’s name from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While we can’t turn back time and remove Ryan Seacrest’s star (although you can leave your mark on it), tonite you can return balance to the universe by attending a fundraising event at the Mint to help raise the needed $15,000 for the purchase and installation of one with Weird Al’s name on it.

“Weird Al” Hollywood Star Benefit
Tonite, 8pm
The Mint
6010 W. Pico Blvd.
Admission: $8.00

(hat tip to Defamer and Flavorpill)

4 thoughts on “Help “Weird Al” Get His Star on the Walk of Fame”

  1. I swear I thought I saw him last night at Hotel Cafe. Then again I see a lot of things after guzzling down a red bull & vodka.

    Back on topic, he does need his own star. But I thought he already had one? :\

    ps: fuck Ryan Seacrap!

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