Fireman by day, Rock ‘n Roll Superstar by night?

Driving into Studio City on Cahuenga/Ventura, I spotted a gentleman driving a beige-ish Villager, playing the drums at a red light. Well, no – he was playing the steering wheel with drumsticks. His license plate cover and a sticker on the rear window indicated some affiliation with (or support of) the LAFD.

I found this terribly entertaining (and am happy to report that he did free up at least one hand to steer when the light turned green).

One thought on “Fireman by day, Rock ‘n Roll Superstar by night?”

  1. Darn – Caught again!! Why didn’t you wave? Just kidding.

    While we’re pleased to learn that our phantom percussionist did devote *at least* one hand to steering while his personal vehicle was in motion, we do like to remind people (and maybe our own members and their families?) that driving is a full-time and full-attention responsibility.

    That much said, please know – as you intimated – there are some fans of the LAFD that wear fire service apparel or FD supportive logos.

    The publicly accessible source for LAFD logo apparel and gift items is Dalmatian’s Fire House, which is operated by the Firemen’s Relief Association. While they don’t sell drumsticks, all sales benefit the Widows and Orphans of our fallen colleagues.

    *Unrythmically* Yours in SAFETY and Service,

    Brian Humphrey


    Public Service Officer

    Los Angeles Fire Department

    LAFD News Blog:

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