Seal Bashing!!!

seal-face.jpgMayor Sam mentions that “Monday is the last day to turn in signatures to save the LA County Seal.”

And by seal, I don’t mean the cute little feller pictured here. I mean the official city emblem that hath offended so many because, from 1957 to 2004 contained the image of a crucifix. In September of 2004 the city of Los Angeles avoided a lawsuit threatened by the ACLU and agreed to change the seal to remove any specific religious reference, while adding the image of a mission to reflect the historical importance that the Christian mission system has had on the county.

David Hernandez, ” a community-advocate and former congressional candidate” created The Committee to Support the Los Angeles County Seal which is currently seeking enough signatures to put the whole issue of whether the cross should be returned to the official seal or not up to the citizens of Los Angeles, be damned that whole establishment clause thingy.

(on a sad note, the seal pictured at right was recently swallowed whole by the Official LA County Alligator, aka Reggie.)

The images of the “new and improved” seal versus the one that “preserves traditional values” after the jump…

The current seal without the vampire offending religious symbol:

The previous seal that the petition drive is fighting to restore:

More on both seals’ history and iconic meanings can be found at the official LA County website.