My Sassy Funeral


Forest Lawn has a new ad campaign, aimed at – ??? – I’m not exactly sure.

Here we see a freewheeling nutty retiree, letting you know she can and will still control you, even when she’s DEAD.

Who CARES if you want to express quiet dignity and experience personal grief? Not Me!

I want a craaaaaazy funeral. So Get Cracking.

(apologies for the crappy photo – I was driving!)

5 thoughts on “My Sassy Funeral”

  1. That billboard is so deserving of a little photo-chopping – what is she riding towards… or riding away from?
    If I had a prize, I’d make this a contest.

  2. By “going out in style,” she apparently means losing control of a tricycle and pounding the pavement at Santa Monica beach.

  3. I sooo agree. It’s almost as bad as those Chris Farley billboards and ads I’ve seen telling the world that his addiction and overdose weren’t entirely his fault.

  4. I’ve always thought Forest Lawn’s billboards were always utterly shocking examples of poor taste!

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