Los Angeles Women’s Ultimate for Beginners

This week in particular, I’ve been reminiscing about playing Ultimate Frisbee back in Vancouver. My last two kickball games have been rained out, so I’m missing the team sports fix. And it took more than rain to keep us off the Ultimate field. I remember getting coated in sleet and mud playing up there. Now, I always insist, “the mud was half the fun!”, but really, I’ll admit it – Ultimate in sunshine is better than Ultimate in the half-snow that Vancouver got in November.

So I’m going to sign up for the L.A. Women’s Ultimate League, starting later this month in Northridge. Today is the LAST day to get registration postmarked, so I encourage all you girls to get over to the Los Angeles Ultimate site, and print/mail the form. It’s a “hat league”, so you don’t need to be on a team, and it’s open to everyone, no matter what your play level. Since I’ve barely touched a frisbee in the two years since I left BC, I’m going to need the refresher course – but I’m psyched about getting back on that field. Especially since I won’t come off it covered in mud.