It’s A Gas, Gas, Gas


While I mini-mourn the passing of the Prasadam eatery up the street, let me give a shout out to the newest kid on the Sunset Junction block: Lovecraft Biofuels, which opened up recently in that long-vacant corner on Sanborn across from the El Polo Loco and the Circus of Books.

At first glance a few weeks ago, I saw the platoon of Mercedes sedans occupying the lot and was a bit crestfallen at what I figured was just another auto mechanic — or worse: used car lot. Especially when considering that the neighboring and now-gone Silver Lake Guitar Shop is now a T-Mobile outlet… pfffft.

But driving by this afternoon, the previously nondescript and unadorned place is now sporting signage, although not nearly as much as in the above photoshopped image borrowed from their website, which also explains the bevy of Benz’s:

“Lovecraft Biofuels can convert your diesel powered vehicle to run on 100% vegetable oil (new or waste), biodiesel, and/or regular diesel, in any combination. We specialize in Mercedes Benz, but can also convert Ford, Cummins and other diesels. Don’t have a diesel? We keep an inventory of Mercedes diesels for sale, already converted, and ready to go.”

Now that’s the kind of business I like to see in the Junction.

8 thoughts on “It’s A Gas, Gas, Gas”

  1. That T-Mobile is a third party reseller type dealie rather than a straight-up T-Mobile store. They also sell art. It’s kind of random, but it works okay.

  2. I went to Prasadam the last day they were open. They said that they were closing because the landlord wanted to increase the rent. They were planning to open a new restaurant somewhere east of there on Sunset. Meanwhile, gone is the the best breakfast burrito ever.

  3. Unless you got gas, gas, gas from eating it, your comment about the breakfast burrito belongs in the post about Prasadam, not here….

  4. Damn it Kathryn! I clicked on this post just to make that joke myself. Curses, foiled again…

  5. Yeah, this place is encouraging. You don’t have to buy the old Benzos either. The mechanics will convert most diesels over to their system for $700, and for every referral you bring them, they will knock $100 off the conversion price. I think you can get waste oil processing kits from them, as well. And I will be waiting for my check from Lovecraft in the mail for this free endorsement.

    Much better than what was presumed to be the suckification of Sunset Junction after the T-Mobile and some questionable clothing stores opened. Although, it has been entertaining to watch the new owners repaint that gray wall every other day, I’ve yet to see any actual customers in any of the new stores at that intersection, so it’s probably a matter of time before they’re empty again. More troubling is the replacement of Uponshop with a wet bar furniture store. Say what?

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