Red Light Cameras Back, Not Yet in Full Effect

red_light.jpgMaybe you’re one of the bastards that’s been blowing through reds at Santa Monica and La Brea, smug in the knowledge they’ve been out of order since last June. Allow me to be the one to tell you that the party’s over. According to a police news conference on Tuesday, the City Council has approved a multi-million dollar contract with a new company to install camera systems at up to 32 intersections. They’re also planning on using the cameras for remote imaging:

The cameras from Nestor Traffic Systems Inc. will enable police operators to monitor and adjust the equipment remotely via satellite and, in case of an emergency, the cameras could provide live images, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

To be honest, La Brea and Santa Monica’s not among the first set of intersections that have been announced—there are only 10. But, if the program goes well, I’m sure it’s on the do do list. I wonder how long until people are blowing them up with pipe bombs?

2 thoughts on “Red Light Cameras Back, Not Yet in Full Effect”

  1. SO glad you posted this. Because I saw the news story too and it made me start wondering:

    Are ALL the red-light cameras currently installed OFF? Because that’s what I’m hearing. That the ones that are already out there have been off since June – AND NOT TURNED BACK ON? TV News last night said that they’ve been off since the city stopped paying on their contracts.

    That means they’re off, right?

    Any new cameras that are just being approved are yet to be purchased and installed. So again I ask – are ALL the cameras currently on the streets DEAD?

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