Death Cab for Culver

Today I needed to catch a taxi from the sixspace (in Culver City) to LAX for a flight up to SF where I’m hanging out for the next week or so. I Googled and found Yellow Cab of LA. I’ve seen yellow cabs around so figured that was reputable enough to try out. I spoke with a gentleman there and gave them my pickup address (5803 Washington Blvd), told them where I was going, and gave them my number. They told me a cab would be there in 5 to 10 minutes and that they would call me when it was arriving. Cool deal. 25 minutes later when I was still sans-taxi I thought it would be wise to call them back and kindly ask WTF. The following conversation was had:

Lady: Yellow Cab – what is your address?

Me: Hi, yeah, I called a little earlier and reque..

Lady: What is your address?

Me: Oh, um, it’s 5803 Washington Blvd. I actually already called and just wanted to check on…

Lady: 5803 Washington Place, OK, phone number?

Me: No, not Washington Place, Washington Blvd. I already requested a cab, just wandering where it is.

Lady: I don’t have any order for that address, what is your phone number?

This goes on for a few moments, she checks my name, phone number, address, etc and concludes that no one there has ever spoken to me or if they did they just didn’t place the order.

Lady: Oh well, that happens. I can place the order for you now.

Me: OK.

Lady: OK.

Me: …

Lady: So what is your address?

Me: You don’t have it? I just gave it to you about 5 times.

Lady: No, that was a different screen.

Me: Oh, OK. Well, it’s 5803 Washington Blvd.

Lady: 5803 Washington Place, OK.

Me: No, not Washington Place. Thats a different street. I’m on Washington Blvd.

Lady: Um… doesn’t look like there is a Washington Blvd. You must mean Place.

Me: There’s definitely a Washington Blvd, it’s a huge street.

Lady: Well, it’s not in our records. Maybe it’s official name is Washington Place.

Me: Trust me, Washington Blvd and Washington Place are two totally different streets.

Lady: Well my computer says there’s no Washington Blvd in LA.

Me: Um… ?

Lady: And if the street doesn’t exist I can’t send a taxi there.

Me: OK then, forget it.


I then called Checker Cab and placed a new order. They had no problem finding Washington Blvd. At least in their system. I don’t know if they ever sent a cab since 20 minutes later a Yellow Cab showed up.

5 thoughts on “Death Cab for Culver”

  1. Next time try Bell Cabs. When my wife was inspecting cabs for the city, she said those were at least the cleanest ;)

  2. Next time I suggest calling super shuttle.
    Or if you are fancy execucar.

    They never seem to have a problem finding anyone
    and they know all the ultra secret back ways to the airport.

  3. Sounds about par for the course. Recently after an hour wait and multiple calls, I ended up with both yellow and checker cabs hovering outside my apartment. You just have to feign stupidity to the one you don’t end up using…”naw, man, I didn’t call two cabs…must be somebody else here wants a cab…”

  4. I’ve had the exact same thing happen with Yellow cab a number of times. Most frequently for me what’ll happen is I give them an intersection instead of an address, wait for a while and no cab comes, call back and have them tell me they have no record of my call and that they NEVER take calls just for intersections.

  5. She probably couldn’t find it because.. like you said.. You were in Culver City, not L.A. There may not be a 5803 Washington Blvd. in L.A. but there is one in Culver City.

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