2 thoughts on “Crash Day?”

  1. I didn’t miss out, I knew all about it, but it was too rainy for me to leave the house. I’m not clear to me what seems strange about Crash Day? It’s pretty common for the city to declare “[Fill in the blank] Day” as a way to commemorate things that relate to the city, or as a way to honor people that have contributed something to the community. I’m sure there have been sillier commemorative days than Crash Day. California Speedway Day anyone? How about Paul Hogan Day? That seems stranger to me than Crash Day.

    As for that Times article, we’ll have to agree to disgree. Steve Lopez’s “big picture” consists of walking around one street corner for a few minutes being facetious. Considering that just 15 years go major parts of the city were burning because of race-related riots (the second such riots in 30 years), I think it’s pretty silly to dismiss out-of-hand a piece of work that’s trying to facilitate discussion of the issue. For that matter, Lopez’s piece illustrates exactly the point that Crash is trying to make. It’s easy to walk around feeling good about how open minded you are. It’s hard to talk about whether that’s really true.

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