The Great American Boycott is coming!

From the people who brought you the recent protests and school walks out comes yet another, and possibly even more effective, show of support for illegal immigrants:

The Great American Boycott on May1st calls for “No Work, No School, No Sales, and No Buying, and also to have rallies around symbols of economic trade in your areas (stock exchanges, anti-immigrant corporations, etc.)”.

The questions now are will these repeated rallies lead to protester burnout, or will they backfire on an American public already skeptical of illegal aliens demanding additional rights?

I, for one, am fascinated by the current situation in large part because my opinion on the issue is so split. The demonstrations proved to me that labeling all illegals “criminals” would be ineffective – do we really want our law enforcement agencies taxed with deporting millions (and millions) of people who came to the United States to work? But while I would never label migrant workers as anything less than hard workers who care for their family, I often wonder which Federal, State, and local laws these same people will be expected to recognize and respect?

In the meantime, I watch in awe as history is being made and protests are happening that are actually have an effect on public opinion, as well as my own.

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  1. Reminds me when the recent gas prices a year ago and everyone was told not to buy or get gas on a certain day. Didn’t really do much actually :\

  2. Those one-day boycotts are a joke — you just go out the next day and get what you didn;t buy the day before.

  3. I’d say this is going to be more than just a grape boycott. If the success of the march a couple weeks back is any indication this is going to be huuuuge.

  4. What did raisins ever do to anyone? If anyone should be upset, its the grapes. If you’re going to boycott anything, boycott raisins – those sunsoaking sonsabitches!

  5. Socialists, communists around the world are loving this! Divided America! Even Bin Laden said that he would cause the American Government to go bankrupt. Illegal IS illegal. Come here legally, you have rights. Come is illegally, no rights. Simple as that. If we don’t enforce our laws, then why have them? I tell you what, let’s get a group of 3000+ Americans, send them to Mexico City, wave our American flag and demand our rights! Then, let’s find out what happens next! We have rights there, don’t we?? If we get hurt there, we get quick medical treatment, don’t we? Get the picture? When you come to America, just as all the other immigrants did before during and after the Wars, you do so legally. And when you do arrive here, you’re American. Not Polish-American, not African-American. You’re American. If we let these illegal immigrants have what they want and all you softies out there, then we’re throwing our country to the wind. We’re just gonna let it sail wherever the wind carries it. Oh good. I can hardly wait to see what this country will be like when my children are my age. This won’t be the United States of America. Instead, this will become the Separated States of Divided Peoples Socialist Republic. You get my drift.

  6. Oh, so now it’s “The Great American Boycott”? Guess the original name of “A Day Without An Immigrant” wasn’t appealing to a broad enough spectrum of people who can afford to take a day off.

  7. Michelle,
    It’s not as simple as “illegal” = no rights. Perhaps you haven’t heard that undocumented students are allowed to attend public schools and asking them for proof of legal residency is not allowed. Or what about bills in California and about 9 other states that allow some undocumented students to be considered for in-state residency at public institutions of higher education.

  8. VIVA LA RAZA it is going to be a good day to be a Chicano, This boycott is not just for mexicans it is for every illegal imigrant, africans, Asians and even you europeans !!!! United States was built up by immigrants think of that…

  9. Read your history. This wave of legislation is not so different from the Nuremburg Laws vilifying Jews in depression era Germany. We’re teetering towards facism. An assault on human rights is an assault on all of us. This is not just a day for immigrants, its a day for all Americans to put a stop to government sponsored racism and xenophobia.

  10. Yes, the US is a country of immigrants. The problem though is that the people in question have not done what it takes to legally become a US citizen. What about how my taxes are being used? Ya, what about MY rights? What about them serving in the military? If you think this in any way correlates to the Nazis and the Jews, please go back to school and pay attention in history class.

    If someone wants to be a US citizen, then all the more power to them. However, there are certain channels to go through and certain civic responsibilities that come with citizenship. Jury Duty, Taxes, Military Service, the list goes on. The people in question are reaping the benefits of this great country and not owning up to the responsibility that comes with those luxuries.

  11. ok so what gives anyone in the USA any more rights then r forfathers that were not born here to say u can take 1,000 and 1,000,s$$ like up to 10,000 to get legal here thats what r gov is doing and then tell them after takeing this money from them then tell them sorry no green card. make them set and wait in so long of lines not able to get out of make them feel less then a dog,to be told give me your papers and stamp then deniedand u cant go back after u was send a letter to be there for last of u geting your green card but lied to u but thats ok right he has to leave 3 born kids here to be taken care of bye someone eles but they the kids born here dont have the right to have there father here just like u did, and he did everything r gov told him to do to be legal then lied to him and his family he susported not the state,now u say lets not give him a chance to be legal he has not lived here for 11yrs to be telling his kids we dont care if u dont have your father becuease usa has no heart well its not fair give them a chance to show us he can be good legal person here to give his kids what we all have the right to have better life here.

  12. If you’re going to compare the Sensenbrenner bill to some Nazi plan, please provide a comprehensive comparison and some details. I have my own issues with the bill, but to make such a statement panders only to those too lazy to find out they’re being exploited.

    The reality is illegal immigrants were fully aware that they were breaking the law when they came here by either hopping the border or outstaying their visa.

    Why don’t Mexican citizens still in Mexico press their own country into allowing US citizens the ability to buy land there for development? This would create numerous jobs.

    And why don’t Mexican citizens also protest their own southern border, which is tighter than the one to the US? Why don’t Mexican citizens protest their own, even more aggressive, policy towards illegal aliens?

    I’d like to think this is because people come here because they know the United States is the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Anyone disagree?

  13. I’d love to see “A Decade without illegal immigrants”.

    Fine, you want to be legalized? Then I want full Mexican citizinship without having to pay for Mexican taxes.

    I think we should allow illegal imigrants to live in the US but until you become a legal citizin, you have no right to medical care, welfare, drivers liscenses and your maximum wage (enforced by law) should be minimum wage.

    My parents migrated to the United States from Mexico legally. Why can’t you?

  14. It is incredible how ignorant most of american people are. Heaving a brain is not enough, open a book and read a little about your own history. On the world’s eyes you are the most ignorant people!!

  15. I’m white and I SUPPORT the immigrants efforts in every single way! The idea is that we all have a right to live to our full human potential.

    BTW, for all you scardy-pant white folks…by the year 2056 whitey will be the minority in the U.S….should have thought of that before you had kids. Check the census if you don’t believe me.

  16. The fact is when the pilgrims landed at plymouth rock, nobody asked them for their green card. Our ancestors have been on these lands for over a thousand years!

    People come here to work…plain and simple.
    in one estimate, immigrants earn about $240 billion a year, pay about $90 billion a year in taxes, and use about $5 billion in public benefits. Not counting the additional billions they PAY INTO social security. Nor the Billions the children of immigrants provide in BUYING POWER.

    The half million people who showed up last month and made history in LA flexed their political muscle … on MAY 1st it will be time for ALL supporters to flex our econimic $$ muscle.

  17. i agree, its not just mexicans…there were a bunch of irish flags, hati…i saw european flags out there…

    tens of thousands of undocumented workers are Irish.

    Even The US military has 16,000+ enlisted illegals in the service. They showed some mexicans on the news who were wounded/died fighting in Iraq.

  18. I agree, let’s not just pass the bill, in fact, let’s kick every single illegal out of this country. That way I would see white people scrubbing toilets, picking up watermelons, cooking my burritos at the Mexican Restaurant, cleaning the streets, etc. The fact is a new exploited society will emerge if everybody of Mexican descent was kicked out of this country. (I say “Mexican” because obviously white America loves to pick on this particular group even though “illegals” are made up of all sorts of races and nationalities) That new exploited society would incorporate hundreds of thousands of white people to do these kinds of jobs. Not only will that be funny, it would be so sweet, the exploitation of white over colored will be forever finished, the economic strength of America would collapse, and even better, the per-capita income of most white people in this country would diminish to the point where most of them would remember the glorious days when Mexicans did the menial jobs and when America was the most powerful country in the world (do you actually think America would remain to be what it is without immigrants).

  19. I’ll be totally honest…as a hispanic I think this is the wrong way to do this. I understand that hispanic immigrants are upset about the immigration laws. I understand that this protest is a way to show that you do have a contribution to the United States. Honestly people by May 2nd everything you thought you changed will go back. Now, I do want the ignorant people to remember that there are other immigrants in this country living illegally. I don’t hear people saying to stop people from Europe, and Canada, and Asia from coming here. What all these “real” Americans should do is to never travel to another country. I mean we don’t want them here so stay out of TJ, don’t go to Europe, or Canada, or anywhere other than the good ol’ USA. Let’s also change the fact we consider this the land of freedom and opportunity…because that was before you decided we needed green cards. Lets get all those immigrants fighting your war out of the military and let the “real” Americans once again fight it. Do your lawns, pick your own goods, work 8 hours a day…oh minimum wage…if they are lucky…some of these laborers are getting less, but they can’t do anything about that because they aren’t legal. I’m sure that 200 white people are pissed because Javier got the job washing dishes, and his brothers are in the fields working…oh yeah.

    My final point is that both sides are insane…we need to organize properly, do the needed steps, but be given the chance to become legal in the right way. So its a give and take…not just give give, or take take.

    Let’s stop our hate for each other, and just figure out how to work at a equal solution.

  20. Wild “facts” are being told here.??90 billion in taxes paid??.??16,000 Illegals in the army??I have a European wife.I lived with her in Europe for 3 years.It took almost 1 year for her to legally come to the USA.Sometimes it’s harder to do things the right way but it can be easier in the end.To all you illegals,you came here knowing you were illegal.Now we are supposed to respect you for breaking our laws of entry.Thank god you are not a central american crossing into mexico,you might be tortured and killed by the goverment.The illegals want legal status,what about the 11 million more illegals that would come up here as a result of that.I have a solution to all this,annex Mexico.The country can’t provide for itself,it’s riddled with corruption.I welcome mexico as our 51 state.

  21. I don’t want to name names here, but since they’re posting anonymously I’m going to to…

    Rick/Joe – while we have a very liberal editorial policy at, posting twice in the same comment thread using two different names is very much considered uncool.

    Comments are very welcome here, and you’re encouraged to comment as often as you like. But posting under different names, to “stuff the ballot box” or make your opinion seem more legit, is very lame.

  22. Fletch,
    I’d also like to see where these figures come from.
    If we have 20 million illegal immigrants in the country, it would take an average of $4500 in taxes paid annually per WORKER to make that 90 billion figure, which is outlandish if you consider a) the 20 million also includes children, and b) I make a decent living and I barely pay that amount… illegals tend to work much lesser paying jobs, and in spite of rhetoric, most work under the table.

    However, 16,000 illegals sounds high, but not unrealistic. The military is a job with benefits, and many illegals are offered citizenship if they remain enlisted for a certain period.

    As for hate, lets all get over the notion that all people who are opposed to an amnesty are hateful.

  23. The Hispanic Leaders in your community are endorsing “El Gran Paro Americano 2006” “The Great American Boycott 2006” on May 1st, 2006, by calling on Mexicans:
    “No Work, No School, No Sales, and No Buying, and also to have rallies around symbols of economic trade in your areas (stock exchanges, anti-immigrant corporations, etc.) at May 1st to protest the anti-immigrant bill”.

    If you’re part of the 75 percent of Americans that want more action against illegal immigration, what action have you taken or are you willing to take? Have you attended a protest or counter-protest? Have you written your Congressman? Or are you among the 99 percent of Americans that have that opinion and have done nothing but gripe and complain and expect your politicians to sort this out? Would you like to DO SOMETHING that basically requires you DOING BASICALLY NOTHING? I have a plan for you:

    Here’s the idea. Fly your American flag on May 1st, 2006. Wow.. is that it? Well, not quite.. Actually, this should read – “Fly Your Flag On May 1st and tell a friend, neighbor, co-worker, family member, email group subscribers, BLOG readers, etc, to do the same”. That’s it. For real.

    If we can get enough Americans to participate, we can show our solidarity in this fight against illegal immigration and hopefully make Congress stand up and take notice. If this gets even half the press the Pro-Illegal Immigration protests are getting, we will make a difference!

    You can pick up an American Flag at almost any retail store, convenience store, online market, party store, you make the choice. You can fly a big flag, small flag, put a flag on your car, hang a flag in your window, print out a flag from an internet site, just FLY IT ON MAY 1.

  24. What I’m hearing from both sides right now is the projection of ignorance upon the opposition, without any perception of ignorance on one’s own part.

    Who really knows all ‘the facts’? No one.

    You guys should be in a DIALOGUE and muster up a bit of humility… on both sides of this issue.

    Freakin’ try to inform each other without attempts at domination and cheap insults for chrissakes. It might make the conversation a bit more intelligent.

  25. David, we are aware that not all the people that are against illegal immigration are hateful, but you also need to recognize that there is a godd substantial amount of them that are. Take a look at your own forum, please.

  26. Proimmigrant, I just don’t believe you should negate an argument by bringing racism into the discussion. I’m well aware of its presence here.
    As a matter of fact, I see more hatred coming from the pro-immigration sides on these forums – which is ironic considering that most of the posts here are sympathetic to them. Just above you can see people comparing anti-immigrant legislation to Nazi policy, and that people who want stronger borders are arrogant and haven’t read their history books.
    Seems silly, doesn’t it?

    As for you, pro-immigrant, love your comment above suggesting that all immigrants are kicked out so the US will learn what we’re missing… I entirely disagree with your point, but I love passionate, colorful comments!

  27. The public has spoken:

    Time magazine poll:

    New Poll: Americans Favor a Guest Worker Plan
    79% say illegal immigrants should have the chance to work here:

    Americans polled by TIME magazine show strong support for a guest-worker program and a process for undocumented workers to become citizens.

  28. It is not really imperative whether people share my point of view or not. Whether colorful or not, my point is that the myth of “America being drained by illegals” is a complete farce, and to deny the fact that this country would not be hurt if all illegals were to be kicked out of this country is simply arrogant.

    The fact is this country has been addicted to cheap labor even before the American Revolution, and as tragic as some people may think, this is not going to change. In our country today there is a whole bunch of industries that require cheap labor in order to keep the businesses profitable, and we all know what kind of industries are these; anything that involves cleaning, agriculture, construction, etc. As of right now, some of these industries do not have the amount of people necessary to keep these businesses profitable.

    But yet, some “Americans” without any solid foundation insist that “these people” are taking away their jobs, that they don’t pay taxes, that they won’t assimilate, that they are depressing wages, and an endless amount of questionable accusations that have nothing to do with reality; America needs cheap labor. What makes everybody think that our capitalistic system does not need a society to exploit? Why do you think George Bush is pushing for some kind of approval for a Guest Worker Program?

    And as to the racial argument David, let’s stop pretending that this bill is not aimed at a particular group of people, we all know to whom this bill was particularly made to. Let’s be realistic.

  29. I don’t see how your argument is pro-illegal-immigrant, unless you’re advocating the exploitation of cheap labor.
    And don’t make it sound like an addiction to cheap labor is something that is unique to the USA – its the reality of economics worldwide.

    Its indeed more complex than simply saying that illegal immigrants depress the minimum wage for legitime US citizens – for example, if there wasn’t the availability of cheap labor I believe we’d be forced to buy more exports, many from Mexico, and export a lot of jobs, again, to Mexico.

    What has impressed me about the protests, and what I believe will be even more impressive during the Great American Boycott, is a demonstation of how reliant upon illegal labor we’ve become. I find it ironic that so many people are opposed to illegal immigrants NOT working, NOT buying stuff, and NOT going to school… this is what they want anyway, right? However, the reality is that most of the people who’ll partake in the protests won’t be actual illegals, but people who support them, thus not the Boycott won’t really be a sign of how influential illegal immigrants are… just of how influential their supporters are.

    (and by the way, pro-immigrant, of course I know what you wrote was a farce… Right now I’m just disappointed you aren’t posting a link to your blog – heck, I read it if you had one)

  30. Love compassion and understanding is what we should all fight for. Not just within our borders but throughout the world. Borders which are based on corruption, racism, and discrimination are all horrible. I support all cultures and nationalities of people who fight peacefully for a noble cause. But those who use ignorance and hatred to defend their beliefs, i stand behind GHANDI, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, and ofcourse Jesu’Cristo; who instead of hating those who oppressed them, they understood their suffering. We should look at our own history and backround as an individual and truly understand who we are and where we came from, we are all brothers. Peace to all

  31. Many Americans might not remember that their parents, grandparents and even great-great grandparents wanted to come to this country for the same reasons that immigrants do. They wanted the “American Dream” just like anyone else and you were part of that dream.They are proud to be foreigners but unlike you I am sure that they have not forgoten the hardships that they had to endure, altough Europeans had it easier considering what many Latin Americans have to go through today in order to become Perminent Residents and then eventually citizens. Even your own President said it right when he said that, “Why should immigrants have to sneak into our country in order for them to do jobs that Americans won’t do”. Why can’t you just be thankful that there are people out there who aren’t as lazy as you?

  32. Do you people seriously believe that most people who came to America did it legally? por favor!

  33. What I wrote a farce? It seems to me that you are becoming uncomfortable by the reality that this country relies heavily on the cheap labor that immigrants offer (sorry you couldn’t see the connection between illegal immigrants and cheap labor). However I would like to know what part of my writing was a farce to you?

    The unfounded accusations that “illegal immigrants” drain the economy; is that a farce?

    The historic addiction of America to cheap labor; is that a farce?

    Sectors of our economy that heavily rely on the cheap labor that immigrants offer; is that a farce?

    George Bush advocating a Guest Worker program; is that a farce?

    I would also like to add not to underestimate the potential participation that some illegal immigrants may offer during these protests, especially those who have been without voice in this country for years if not decades, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

  34. Pro Immigrant, chill out.
    I was referring to your post where you wrote “let’s kick every single illegal out of this country” as being a farcical.

  35. The United States should protect it’s southern border from illegal aliens just like Mexico protects it’s southern border from illegal aliens. (machine guns)

    Illegal aliens should be felons in the USA just like illegal aliens are felons in Mexico.

    (What part of illegal don’t you understand?)

    The United States does (and should continue) to support legal immigration. Those pursuing the American Dream should do so legally.

  36. well, i read everything people post, whAT i seen so far is 3or4 people knowing what really what would happen for the cause of this protest.
    well mr, we shoulm protec or borders thigter, for you information 5 day desert walk is no fucckin easy, and well people do get shot crossing the usa border, oh sorry the goverment dont show that in the nes, you have live the expirence to know what is like..

    well in this 1st of may thing will change, and if any one want to trade my toilet cleaning job might as well tell me. we are the cheap lebar , and the guys who do the thing americans just would not do

  37. all i have to say is wee all think differently about these things and we all have opinions..
    soo ppl think bush is a stupid man..
    some think hes great!
    but that doesnt mean that its true..
    now does it?!
    everyone has the right to speak thier minds right?
    well why cant we speak threw to live in this country?
    i think that everyone on this earth should come and go as we plz…
    but i think this whole thing about imigrants is just nonseence!..
    were fighting about something weve been fighting 4 years now!
    why bost it up more than it alrady is?
    its just a bunch of baloney ithink but hey …..!

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