LA’s Worst-Kept Secret


Yang Chow has two branches (Pasadena and Canoga Park) besides the one in Chinatown, but we’ve never been because Chinatown is so, well, Chinatown.

It’s funny how protective we all our about what we think are our “secret” restaurant finds. But ask anyone who’s lived in LA a while what’s their favorite Chinese food and no doubt it’s Yang Chow.

What do you get there? Oh sure there’s plenty of the usual stuff, and all of it’s good, but Don’t You Dare miss their signature dish: Slippery Shrimp.


Everyone’s favorite food at everyone’s favorite restaurant. Just this week we had another Yang Chow Moment: A friend was meeting his wife for a birthday dinner. Where? Yang Chow. What’s her favorite thing there? Slippery Shrimp.

I swear I could eat this stuff every single day. Eating it as served to you, hot, sweet, sticky and overwhelming, you think, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Until the next morning when you grab the white cardboard carton from the fridge – And it’s even better cold.

It’s crowded. All the time.

So make a reservation.

819 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
TEL: (213) 625 – 0811
FAX: (213) 625 – 7901

6443 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Canoga Park, CA 91303
TEL: (818) 347 – 2610
FAX: (818) 347 – 2613

3777 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
TEL: (626) 432 – 6868
FAX: (626) 432 – 4539

12 thoughts on “LA’s Worst-Kept Secret”

  1. the BEST drunken nights in LA. Ever.

    SLIPPERY SHRIMP! + SLIPPERY CHICKEN! + Ultimate Hall & Oates (I’m serious! Two discs and so many jams!) + Mountain Bar (Okay, fine, I hear it’s gone downhill since I was last there) = almost the most fun I’ve ever had.

  2. LA is surrounded by suburbs that are home to truly great Chinese restaurants and you guys eat here? Are you all just out of college?

  3. Have you eaten at Yang Chow, Rachel, or are you just being disagreeable? Yang Chow’s got a 9.3 on CitySearch, two stars (highly recommended) from Frommer’s, four stars from AOL’s CityGuide and a host of good reviews from all kinds of other places including Fodor’s and Zagat’s:

    So, unless you’re actually going to recommend something in lieu of this very well reviewed restaurant, please take your consistently negative and ridiculously superior attitude elsewhere.

  4. rachel, what you clearly don’t understand is how good slippery shrimp is. why you gotta hate on tasty dishes?

    mad professah, on los feliz next to the bigfoot lodge in atwater village there is an Indian place that people RAVE about. i live nearby and anytime i tell people where i live they always say “BY THAT INDIAN PLACE! OH MY GOD!” i hear it is cheap AND retardedly tasty.

  5. I’ve never been to Yang Chow, but I do love me some Chinese food. I’m rather partial to Twin Dragon but always on the lookout for more options, and this is the first place I look for such things. What I can’t understand is why, if she disdains Yang Chow, Ms. Cohen doesn’t offer alternative suggestions. (Incidentally, I have not been in college for eight years.)

  6. Meh … I’ve always thought Yang Chow is over-rated. Though if I have to go, I much prefer the one up in Sierra Madre. The Slippery Shrimp is by far the best dish, but not one to be eaten by anyone with tender lungs – that spicy steam is pretty much like mustard gas to my delicate bronchials.

  7. I won’t comment on how good it is or isn’t, since I don’t know either way, but I will say three things:

    1) My family/relatives never eat at Yang Chow. And my dad is in the Chinese food industry, knows practically every manager of every good Chinese restaurant in SoCal and can get a table within minutes no matter how crowded (he did say YC isn’t bad though);

    2) Rachel has a point, the best Chinese food in SoCal is not to be found in Chinatown;

    3) Zagat’s isn’t the most trustworthy source.

    It would not be easy to recommend a better Chinese restaurant, since it depends on which type of Chinese food you prefer (and I think Yang Chow is Shanghainese cuisine? which I’m not familiar with outside of soup dumplings). Assuming Cantonese, which is probably the most common, is okay…Ocean Star and NBC, both in Monterey Park around Atlantic and Garvey, are very good. And my grandma seems to like…888? I think that’s what it’s called, in Rosemead (again, I think). I’m not the best person to ask though; I’m generally not too fond of Chinese food, having eaten it so often in my lifetime.

    Good Indian food? Try some of the restaurants in Little India (Artesia). 91 east past the 605, Pioneer exit, head south. Not sure what qualifies as cheap for you though. I generally wouldn’t expect to pay less than $12 per person, usually more.

  8. The first time I had Yang Chow’s Slippery Shrimp I thought I was in heaven! Chi Dynasty on Hillhurst has a really good Aromatic Shrimp dish.

  9. Rachel Cohen: one of the reasons that my lovely wife Ruth and I enjoy Yang Chow so much is that it is about a five minute drive down Riverside from our house in Silverlake to Chinatown. If you can tell us of a better Chinese restaurant that is as close or closer, I would be more than eager to check it out.

    Oh, and I never went to college. Was that where you learned to be a smug jackass?

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