Art Prostitute Invades MOCA Store Window

ap_moca.jpgThis Friday (April 7th) the folks from Art Prostitute will be in town from Dallas to take over the window display at the MOCA Store in Santa Monica (2447 Main St. ). If I’m reading the e-mail I just got correctly then you can expect to see works by National Forest // Todd St. John // Gary Benzel // Mike Giant // Kinsey // Nevada Hill // Mark Searcy // Caroline Hwang // Evah Fan // Brendan Monroe // Travis Millard // Bwana Spoons // Tes One // Rich Jacobs // Jophen Stein // Tiffany Bozic // Evan Hecox // Cody Hudson // Matt Owens // Dalek // Pars // Brian Gibb // Salmingo // Will Rhoten // among others included in the display. If I’m reading something wrong, well, then you’ll probably see something else. This should all be going down between 6-8PM so west siders take note!

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