Two Gallants + Wires On Fire @ The Troubadour

If you feel like a little bit of (young) rock n’ roll with your rain tonight (April 4th, 2006) then you might wanna head on over to The Troubadour in West Hollywood and catch San Francisco’s Two Gallants with LA’s own Wires On Fire.


Speaking of rock clubs… Last night I was dragged to Spaceland by a couple of my friends because the New York Doll(s) were playing. I couldn’t really watch the train wreck that was happening on stage but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they have Chimay on tap in that back bar there!!!! Has Spaceland always had my favorite beer on tap or is this a new thing? Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Two Gallants + Wires On Fire @ The Troubadour”

  1. chimay is delish! a liquor store by my apartment fucked up once and priced the big bottles at $5.99. we bought a whole case of them and got pleasantly shitty. they unfortunately caught on soon afterward.

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