Things To Like About The Rain

Because everyone is talking about how terrible the rain is, I thought, why not post some things to like about the rain? After all, I’ve always loved spring rain. Winter rain and gloom is a terrible, depressing thing, but spring rain, with enough light, is beautiful. Here’s a few of my favorite things about the rain out there today:

  • The rain makes a great excuse for being late to work/meetings/appointments. And then when you get there, you get the kind of awe and respect normally reserved for soldiers returning from war
  • The effect of the clouds hanging out against the mountains makes L.A. feel more like either Hawaii or Vancouver – take your pick.
  • It’s really clean out there, and I can breathe deeply without inhaling a lungful of city
  • In a week or so, the effects of the rain will show up in the flowers, and it will be very very pretty in the foothills

    What do you like about the rain?

  • 6 thoughts on “Things To Like About The Rain”

    1. I like how it means there’s no pollen in the air. Of course, it also means there’ll be a ton of pollen in the air Thursday.

      I like how it means I don’t have to wash my car. Of course, I ‘ll have to wash my car on Thursday to get all the tossed-up road-dirt off.

      Well – at least we don’t have to run our sprinklers this week to keep the hillside from falling out from under the house while destroying Owens Lake!

      (just a little ray of sunshine, ain’t I?)

    2. I love the cool air and the grey skies. It’s a little hint of the massive green-skied downpours i remember from my youth out in the middle of America. It puts me in the best possible mood to work on writing projects.

    3. People tend to drive slower and changing lanes is easier.
      And I guess the moisture makes acoustic better or something.

    4. Um, I’ve got a bad cold right now and the extra humidity is probably good.

      The damp ground also makes it easier to pull weeds. Of course if it wasn’t raining so much I wouldn’t have so many weeds in my yard.

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