Things to do in the rain

My sister is visiting from out of town. We planned to see Chinatown and the Promenade while she’s here, but so far have been put off by the rain. Tomorrow we’re supposed to visit Huntington Garden, but I am having doubts. We’re neither of us normally such big sissies, but I am eight months pregnant and have no galoshes. I actually don’t have an umbrella, either, due to not yet having replaced mine which was stolen in December (I’m not lazy, honest!), and my raincoat is a size 4. In other words, I am unprepared and my sister (who came 3000 by plane with just a carry-on) even moreso. Plus, I am scared of falling. I know – sissy.

So what is there for two sissies with not a lot of cash to spare to do around here? I feel like I used to leave my apartment, but I can’t remember what I used to do. I feel very old and very pregnant lately.

Won’t you take pity on a big, lame-o sissy and give us some advice for dryish things to do?

3 thoughts on “Things to do in the rain”

  1. Here’s my suggestion… go underground. Get yourself down to Union Station grab a pair of all-day passes for the Red Line ($3) and if you both don’t have digital cameras, grab a couple disposables ($??? at, say, Sav-On/Rite-Aid?) then take pix of the art and stuff at the various subway stops to the North Hollywood station and back.

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