Sia At The Troubadour…


I’d never been to one of Sia‘s (MySpace) shows until Sunday night, when she performed the first of two sold-out shows (her second show was last night) at The Troubadour. She was very giddy to be performing in front of such an appreciative audience and even did a “happy dance” in between several songs.

She was so appreciative of her fans that she hung out at her merch table afterwards to meet every single person who was waiting in line for autographs and photos. To some musicians, this may seem like an absolute chore but the fact that she did it with such genuine warmth and gusto really impressed me.

The setlist:

  1. “Don’t Bring Me Down”
  2. “Destiny”
  3. “Blow It All Away”
  4. “Lentil”
  5. “Numb”
  6. “I Go to Sleep”
  7. “Breathe Me”
  8. “Sunday”
  9. “Sea Shells”
  10. “Distractions”
  11. “Somersault” (encore)

More photos here.

UPDATE: Here’s a report and photos from her Monday night show.

3 thoughts on “Sia At The Troubadour…”

  1. so disappointed I missed her and it doesn’t look as though she is coming back to LA any time soon.

  2. I saw her at KCRW’s Sounds Eclectic Evening. She got to sub in for another group and was as giddy as possible over being there. Good performance, funny little dances, and amusing commentary — though she did babble a bit on a couple occasions.

  3. So no one is gonna mention Johnette Napolitano’s awesome gig at the Hotel Cafe last nite. Everybody’s loss. Ho hum….

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