Shepard Fairey on Indie 103.1 This Morning

sponsor-indie_1031-400x375.gifI’m getting the feeling this Indie 103.1 story is far from over. I just work up to an e-mail from one of the people who helped talk Caryn & I into moving to LA, Shepard Fairey saying he’s guest hosting the morning show on Indie 103.1 this morning. His design firm did the branding for Indie so him being on the station isn’t surprising, but if Dicky Barrett was fired for not jiving with the station’s background right wing politics and forced playlists, then this is a bit shocking. I’ve been listening live via iTunes and so far he’s talked about Bush, the war, Delay stepping down, and played a crap load of music that I’m certain isn’t on the station mandated playlist of any radio station in the country. The plot thickens…

UPDATE: I asked Shepard how it all went and if he had any inside take on the situation after being there, he says…

“As far as Indie’s politics go, they have my anti-Bush print on the wall in there. They let Steve Jones and Henry Rollins say and play anything they want to. From what I heard, Dickie’s show had bad ratings from the start and he was not open to constructive criticism about how to improve them. Bottom line… if ratings are good, the DJ’s can get away with whatever they want. I was a fan of the Bosstones back when I lived in Providence and I have no problem with Dicky. I think Dicky is embarrassed and is trying to spin the situation as if Indie is not “PUNK” enough. Every story has two sides but the station has been cool to me and I base my opinions on experience, not gossip. I told them that the stuff I would play would be the songs that helped build their format. They asked for no further specifics. Once I was there, several of my song choices were already on their list to be played. I let them play those and a few new songs for younger listeners that I was not familiar with, and I chose the others. It was easy going.”

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  1. I heard him! He’s not bad! I’ve seen him talk at events at MOCA and seen him spin at his own shows. He can certainly do both!

  2. Two words: DAMAGE CONTROL
    I’m sure the folks at Indie now realize that kicking Dicky wasn’t something that would only offend friends of Dicky, but rupture the 103.1 fan base as a whole. Their credibility is shot. Maybe now they realize the true value of being “Indie.”

  3. I think DM hit the nail on the head.

    I read an article in which Shepard talked briefly about how lame Indie was to work with on that branding project, so I’m surprised he’s doing it.

  4. Hiya,

    im in Australia and tuned to indie via the web. I cringed at the MBA and Gold Investment advertisments between tracks. Good music tho.

    I didnt hear Shepard tho :(


  5. Guys, take a look at the recent Arbitrons, which just came out last week. Indie just posted its worst ratings ever. It’s barely even registering — THAT’S why Dicky was let go. This station is hanging by a thread. The morning ratings — which weren’t even a blip — were dragging down the entire ratings day. Normally, mornings are supposed to CARRY the day. Kevin & Bean, Ryan Cheesecrest, Big Boy, etc. — they’re all the highest-rated part of their respective stations’ days. I liked Dicky, but I get why they let him go. It’s nothing new in radio, and especially for a radio station that’s not posting much by way of ratings. We’re just lucky that Entravision hasn’t pulled the plug entirely and gone back to doing what they actually know: Spanish-language radio.

  6. Sad but true. I’m probably 103’s current target — vaguely interested in a better alternative to KROQ, own a few Flaming Lips albums, male in early 20’s. Utterly casual in music.

    I just couldn’t take the Morning Show. It always felt like a party where I didn’t know anyone, and didn’t really get what everyone was talking about. Like a very well done Podcast on an obscure website.

    I’m sure that hardcore Indie fans would rather the station avoid people like me. I can’t really blame them.. but we’re probably who they need to stay alive.

  7. And Kevin, you were ahead of the curve — you actually knew that Indie existed. Sad to say, but with Indie 103.1’s limited broadcast range and limited promo budget (yes, they’re finally buying some billboards, but two years too late), awareness of the station outside of bigtime music fans is shockingly low. Sad to say, but a commercial radio station in the No. 2 radio market must attract casual listeners as well as big time music fans.

  8. NPR is great …

    but (here at least) there’s only news until 9 a.m. and that just too depressing

  9. Hmmm..sounds strange to me. And a Providence guy to diss dicky like that. Not cool. I am so done with Indie 103.

  10. So long Indie!It was nice knowing ya for as long as we did!Yes ofcourse a station has to make money to stay on the air and ratings also!Remember,this kinda stuff has been happening since day one with radio and television.It costs a bunch of money to run either so if the cash aint flowing things are going to change around the station real quick.It was sure nice to have Indie around with the format they had and Dicky B.too!

  11. Though I’ve not heard the show as of yet, if the fact that the design firm Shepard Fairey works for did the branding for 103.1fm had ANY FUCKING LAST THING TO DO WITH HIM SOMEHOW BEING ON THE AIR, it is nothing less than the grand insult and final death knell of radio itself, as we now know it.

    Maybe in the short term, this might be considered a good thing. In the long term, it is an insult to those of us (both radio types, and people who love music NOT spat from the mouths of lava-vomiting devil consultants looking to pimp an image…) who tend to care about this ever-shrinking medium, and it’s ever-increasing attempts to fuck itself in the mouth with guns loaded with all manner of trend-hopping stunt-casting bullshit.

    “Indie”, indeed.

    Unbelievable. The guy affiliated with the design firm who did the “branding” for 103.1fm (sorry folks, but I can’t call them Indie, as they are about as Indie as any coke-whore golddigger, looking to hop one last ride on the money train…)

    The Anna Nicole Smith of Los Angeles radio.


    Do not attempt to sell me on Jonesy, Rollins, or Scientology Boy, as I’m not interested; and it is nothing more than a sad commercial farce, masquerading and prancing about in fake designer knock-offs of cheaper thrift store clothing: all as a way of making us think (despite all the commercial, consultants; and the design firm ponces gadding about as actual on-air musical/cultural avatars/arbiters) that somehow a corporate entity could somehow ever be, ack!, truly Indie…..

    Hey, maybe the design guy will get really wild and one day soon play Michael Buble’s interpretation of Morphine’s “You Look Like Rain”; and that will somehow make him legitimate, as, after all, his company did the branding…

    If any of you have any sense at all, jump off this ‘celebrity DJ’-laden, high concept-burdened sinking ship, now!– unless your taste and sights have been so blunted by this insidious machine of lies, that maybe this is where some of you need to be….

    To me, it is a fucking lie, plain and simple. It was a fucking lie when it started; and is even more of a fucking lie now: A commercial station (owned, ostensibly, by the biggest commercial radio conglomerate in the country), calls itself “Indie”– and this is somehow good enough for most of you to actually give it a listen and be sucked in by it’s image?


    A commercial station, with all the requisite conceits, calls itself “Indie”; then still does what every shitbag commercial station does and will do, in the name of business– and….

    This offends only a few of us?

    Some shit from the design firm who “branded” 103.1fm somehow gets a morning show.

    Somehow this is fine.

    In some way we, as listeners, will justify this ever-furthering march toward homogenizing what we all see, experience, think and feel– and yet, it’s all supposed to be cool?

    Because some design prig is now playing music for us in the morning.


    “DEAR AL QAEDA: Please kill us first; as we are, apparently, most deserving of your psychotic rage and hate. It isn’t even close for second, especially if you’re monitoring radio in our city….”

    Just kill us all if we are that willing to settle for utter shit.

    chris checkman

  12. Blue C Communications Press Release

    by LATaurus on…
    Please note that Blue C has stopped advertising with Indie…. Please write to Indie’s sponsors and tell them how much you miss the Mighty Morning Show!!

    List of sponsors here:

    Press release

    Press release text:

    Blue C Bids Farewell To Dicky Barrett On INDIE 103.1FM

    By Lauren Youman

    As of March 24th, 2006, a true friend to the Blue C family as well as to those who embody the independent ethos, Dicky Barrett, was released from the Los Angeles radio station Indie 103.1FM. Dicky known also as the lead singer and frontman for the legendary Mighty Mighty Bostones and also from the Jimmy Kimmel Show led the revolution of Independent music for what it should be.

    Since taking over the morning airwaves in Los Angeles, Dicky Barrett has been a major proponent of quality radio programming, exposing hungry listening audiences to local incredible artists whom would never find rotation on major market radio stations. Truly a unique voice amongst his peers, Dicky was extremely supportive of the people of Los Angeles, so much so that he was kind enough to have us in the studio with him on more than one occasion to show his own support for the ever-growing off-road lifestyle.

    We received this from Dicky recently and would like to pass it on.

    Some people choose to just wave flags, and that’s enough for them, while others go through life with what they believe in running through their veins. I’m the latter.
    The best Mighty Morning Shows had guests on the show that were passionate, and truly believed in what it is they were doing with their lives. Whether it was music, sports, art, making movies, writing books, cooking food, painting houses, it doesn’t matter, if they were passionate, and true, they were my kind of guest. Nothing could bog a Morning Radio Show down faster, or kill a good thing quicker, then a part timer or a flag waver.

    – Dicky Barrett via email to Blue C

    We at Blue C would like to personally thank Dicky Barrett for his unflinching support of the independent spirit that resides in all of us; a spirit which he himself shines as a positive example of. He will truly be missed.

  13. Right on! Blue C.
    I actually e-mailed Shepard Fairey when I found out he would be DJ’ing the next day, because I like his DJ style (on a party level) and political artwork. He is, however, a businessperson, and although I was pleased that he took the time to respond to my e-mail before he went on the air, the response left a bit to be desired.
    I haven’t listened to the station since I found out about the “change” and removed it from my pre-programs. I knew it wasn’t possible…

  14. To Everyone In Need Of A Clue,
    Here it is:

    Fuck “indie” 103.1fm– and abandon them IMMEDIATELY!

    Maybe I was too busy drinking to actually graduate college; but, it seems to me that the “Indie” appellation seems to somehow refer to be, somehow, “independent”; but what, excatly, was a station backed by a huge money/ratings driven corporation “independent” of, just for argument’s sake?

    Was it “independent” of the influence of sponsorships and their monies?

    Uh, no.

    Was it “independent” of the interference of the corporate consultant folks, who no doubt shot off their shit-filled/know nothing mouths in every meeting, as a way of merely looking to save their empty-headed/empty-suited asses?

    Uh, no.

    Did this allegedly “independent” station ever walk unleashed, as a way of pising and shitting where and how it wanted– as a way of, oh perhaps, trying to turn on it’s head the very model of what a commercial station might have been?

    Uh, no again.

    Three strikes, you’re out; so, fuck you “Indie” 103.1fm!

    Celeb DJ’s, and corporate censorship up the ass for those the brass did not consider true ‘celebrities’. Pretty fucking funny, too, how the beloved “Jonesy” caricature would (as part of the ever so punk/wannabe establishment-smashin’ careerist fakes the Pistols have now become)would be a part of the Pitols’ opting out of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame idiot shindig– allegedly because of their anti-establishment/anti-corporate stance; and yet, beloved old “Jonesy” isn’t too anti-establishment/anti-corporate to continue to take an easy paycheck from the shadow company ultimately run and operated by none other than Clear Channel, now is he?

    Though personally find the notion of a Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame to be fairly disturbing, it does not even measure on the same scale of hypocrisy as Steve Jones and his erstwhile bandmate (who ONLY reuinite for the money in ’96), sluffing off a place that has enshrined the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Miles Davis.

    Because it was all a little too commercial.

    After the Sex Pistols reformed in ’96 (with Glen Matlock) just to make money.

    But continuing to take Clear Channel’s money, in said light, is somehow okay, right?

    Yeah, Jonesy is definitely a punk; but not in the music vernacular, but rather in prison vernacular– as he is pretty willing to take it up the ass, for the highest bidder, of course.

    He’s a whore.

    The station itself was founded on a lame-horse whore of an idea.


    How could every last one of us not have seen this coming (you, I mean; as some of us saw it from the beginning)?

    If you haven’t figured it all out by now, the simple truth is this:




    Again, let me say it slowly– for those of you who still do not get it: corporate station…calls itself…”Indie”.

    Just how could this have NOT immediately spelled disaster for ANY of you who always walk around pretending to know better?

    Jesus Christ; most of you have driver’s licenses and the ability to vote! Are you really all that fucking stupid and naive?

    Boycott the damn station, starting today. Tear out your rearview mirrors and don’t fucking look back– and, if you get the urge to give ’em one more chance because you heard some hot rumor going ’round the club scene that Scientology Boy was gonna have Ashton Kutcher drop by his show Monday night to discuss his long held “indie” love of Debbie Harry’s cover of the theme from “Moonlighting”, don’t even bother switching off your radio; just fill the tub with Mr. Bubble or whatever ironic retro bath foam you find in the Larchmont disrict, make sure that radio is plugged in good and tight, grab it, and dive right into the water….

    If we’re all lucky, your heart will stop immediately. If we’re double lucky, you’ll suffer on the way to the hospital before you finally expire, you complicit culture-killing shits….

    Thanks for nothing; and see you in hell….

    chris checkman

  15. Mr. Checkman, I’ve seen your rants on other sites, and I just want to say, calling those of us who desperately miss the Mighty Morning Show “fucking stupid and naive” isn’t helping your cause at all.

  16. To everyone who probably knows this already:

    Chris Checkman is a self-important moron. Since no one outside of West LA can hear him on KXLU he’s commandered as his mouthpiece. How sad – he must not have received enough attention from his parents as a child.

    It’s ok to mourn the demise of the Mighty Morning Show despite what he thinks.

  17. Let’s be quick about this, as both of you are true idiots who might well read what you comment on, before commenting upon it.

    To Yawn: Did I knock Dicky Barrett or his show? Or, you idiot, did I take a swipe (whether you agree with it or not) at the odious positioning of one of the biggest commercial/corporate broadcasting entities on the entire planet somehow trying to position themselves as poor lil’ “indie” outsiders, as a scam-assed way of somehow gaining so-called credibility with the listeners stupid and fool enough to follow the bait toward the guillotine?

    Don’t get all pissy at me, Yawn, if that which was always obvious to those of us with abilities to smell shit when we step in it has now suddenly come to pass. You wanna call me a “self-important moron”, fine; but, before you separate your shoulder while slapping yourself on the back in doing so, perhaps you might consider the following:

    “Indie” 103.1fm (through the auspicies of their parent company, Clear Channel) sacks Dicky Barrett– in part (so they claim) because he did not clear all his on-air stuff through the PD, etc. I write a blog attacking the same corporate monster that killed the show you now claim to mourn, citing it as a sinister act; and I then go on to say that everyone who currently listens to the station would better make their voices heard by abandoning the station altogether– as “Indie” 103.1fm has/is/always will be a fucking scam of marketing, and that they should be shut down by the voice (or lack thereof) of the people.

    And, for THIS, you call me “a self-important moron”?

    Wow. If you were Neil Young in the Spring of 1970, the CSNY song “Ohio” would’ve been a pro-Nixon chant, right?

    To Lataurus:
    I am really gonna enjoy this next five minutes…

    To begin with, you say the following (and, to make sure I do not misquote your sadly mistaken and sorry-assed words) here they are, in cut/paste form, verbatim

    “Mr. Checkman, I’ve seen your rants on other sites, and I just want to say, calling those of us who desperately miss the Mighty Morning Show “fucking stupid and naive” isn’t helping your cause at all.
    Posted by: LATaurus at April 9, 2006 10:06 AM”

    Anyone willing to go back and check the record on this thread/string can see your words as a matter of public record– just so you cannot say I manipulated them in any way to suit my own interests, right?

    I mean, since your idiot words seve as fairly hard evidence in proving you have absolutely no ability to surround your flaccid argument(s) with such trivialities as context, truth and the like.

    Given that you, after all, are truly just another shit-slinging internet moron.

    To prove this point, again; I now simply will cut/paste from this very site the actual quote of mine, from which you took the words that would best suit your non-existent argument– and, in so doing, conveniently removed them from the surrounding words which only gave them CONTEXT, and shoehorned them into your non-existent quasi-argument, which was most likely designed to impress some half-dead, currently ball-gagged and submerged in a tub of ice in your stepmom’s basement…

    My words, verbatim:

    “Jesus Christ; most of you have driver’s licenses and the ability to vote! Are you really all that fucking stupid and naive?”

    Now, Lataurus (or Yawn, or anyone else), go back and check that post, or any other posts of mine wherein I knocked in any way the listeners/fans who now miss Dicky Barrett’s show!!!

    Go on, Latuarus! It was you who took my words beyond even the realm of removal of context; you simply quoted me and then lied in my name! Try and tell me, or anyone else who might read through this, any different, and I will happily repeat to the world (with the evidence to back it up, you sorry shit– as it is in this thread, for everyone to see…) that you are little more than a snivelling lying little internet bitch of the lowest order!

    And finally, to you both (YAWN and LATAURUS): Nice try on trying to take me down; or it would’ve been a nice try had neither of you been as stupid and ill-informed a pair of gossip-mongers as you both are. LATAURUS, who cares if you’ve read me on other sites; as it doesn’t invalidate my words at all, no matter how much you disagree in your context-free tabloid way.

    And, YAWN; despite the fact that the radio shows I do have only a limited geographical reach, do not let this fool your tapered little head into believing that I do not know of what I speak. You brought up my affiliation with a certain local station, not me; but, since you did, you little shit, I can tell you this: The reason I have chosen to be there as long as I allegedly have is because it is a station that (usually) puts the listeners first. For all our collective faults at said station, there is a reason we are seen, viewed and respected in the manner we are:

    We’re not about corporate structure, or trying to fool the people. We’re not about glad-handing the swirling sharks who would promise to make us the fleeting taste-o’-the-month in the eyes of such attention-deficient morons as yourself and LATAURUS–only to go down if flames the next month. Branding, logos, and fake celeb DJ’s mean shit to us; as we just wanna play as much cool music as we can– some of which will surely show up on KROQ or “Indie” (should that sad proposition last long enough) roughly two years from now.

    Well, I’m done with you two time-wasting schmucks; but, before I go, know always that anytime you try and conveniently misquote me, or take my words out of context, I will always happily come back to grind your sorry little asses into pulp. Each and every time.

    Funny thing is this:You both wrote to attack me; when, as it turns out, WE ALL AGREED THAT IT FUCKING SUCKED THAT DICKY BARRETT’S SHOW GOT KILLED!

    How could you two morons have missed that?

    now, go kill each other,

    chris checkman

  18. Yawn, do you have time this week to meet to kill each other? Cuz Chris said we should…. Tuesday’s no good for me but the rest of the week looks ok.

  19. Lataurus, unfortunately I’m booked solid this week, but Monday next week works for me. I am sure that this will greatly disappoint Mr. Checkman, but then, what doesn’t upset him? I suggest we meet at the former Aron’s Records to kill each other since it is a site so near and dear to Mr. Checkman’s heart. Perhaps he can arrange to have KXLU broadcast the event, so their entire listenership of twenty people can tune into the carnage.

  20. Aah, my stupid little context-fearing children, you have come home!

    Let me ask you two great thinkers a question: Did either of you read ANY of what I had to say in this thread/post? If you had read what you have since reacted to in such a blind fashion, you might have seen that I agree with the fact that Barrett’s firing was utter bullshit; and that my bigger argument had to do with those who somehow expected such an insidiously money-driven/conservative corporation to somehow be true to he fake brand name (in this case, “Indie”) it dreamed up to suck in the more naive who couldn’t see, but breathed in, the toxic vapors of their boardroom cynicism when dreaming up this slap in the face of a concept!

    So, here it is: It seems the three of us agree that firing Dicky was wrong, and done for bullshit reasons; yet, both of you dumbshits are more than willing to attack me (and the station I allegedly work for), even though we all agree, while letting Michael Steele and Clear Channel skip away unscathed!

    Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like your attacks are either compelling or make any sense– and certainly not overwhelming. I just fucking hate idiots.

    But, of all the slugfests I’ve ever encountered on the internet, this is easily the weirdest.

    Usually, one has to disagree with someone to get attacked; but, here, just agree in a way that should have been easy enough to see by anyone– then mix in two dimwits who most likely spend their days licking wall sockets or getting their heads caught in bannister railings, and you have this….

    Oh yeah, YAWN; sorry if your delicate paper-asshole sensibilities are offended by my bitching about things that piss me off. I guess in your Stepford Internet world someone thinking for themselves is bad, huh? If this is the case, maybe it is better you just stick with “Indie” (ha…) instead of becoming KXLU’s 21st listener.

    After all, if you are still willing to settle for their shit pablum after what they did to a show you allegedly loved, then I’m sure hearing Jonesy play the occasional Joy Division song on his overrated middle-of-the-road show, or Scientology Boy busting out some deservedly forgotten Love Spit Love track on Monday nights is about all you can handle in terms of truly looking for the good shit.

    If you consider such consultant-approved vetting of playlists to be adventurous, stay right where you are: in the middle of the dial, and smack in the middle of the road.

    If this is how you react to those who feel the same way about certain things, I’d love to see the smoke coming out of your ears when you meet someone who disagrees with you.

    In any event, nice try, you little shits. Keep waving the flag of blind hypocrisy; as I am sure there are more than enough idiots out there for you to field a similarly defective and half-retarded army…

    Sad, stupid bastards.

    your bestest pal ever!,
    chris checkman

  21. Wow. Here I am trying to get some actual facts about Dicky Barrett and his firing and all I seem to find are the rantings of this Chris Checkman. His tirades are everywhere.
    Thank you Chris for your point of view and your “I told you so” of course only about Clear Channel and not for Dicky’s firing as you have made so abundantly clear. But now, can someone actually provide some facts about Dicky and not Clear Channel.
    Yes, yes, yes, we all know that they once owned 103.1 and that the station is now under Entravision. That has been made clear.
    I just want to hear good music. I don’t own satellite radio or an ipod. I just want to turn on the radio and hear something good. I liked waking up to Dicky in the morning and wish that was still possible. Because it isn’t possible, I just want to know why.
    I don’t want to go back to having to plan my music and pack up my cds for each day. I liked being pleasantly surprised by the songs that came on the radio. I liked that I didn’t have to keep changing the station every 2 1/2 minutes (as I have to go back to doing again) just to find a decent song, or have to listen to talk radio because there was absolutely nothing on.
    I just want to know where I can go to find something decent to listen to. I can’t (refuse) to go back to 103.1 just on principle. Of course Chris Checkman might say something about my lack of principles, but I quite frankly could care less. I do what is good for me and what I feel good about….I just want some good music to go along with it.
    All of this bantering back and forth is way to exhausting for me to keep up with. Just let me know when something changes or when some updated news arrives.
    You are missed Dicky.
    Sorry about all the typos. It is, after all, 2:43 in the morning.
    P.S. I did receive a really nice email back from Dicky in response to an email that I had sent to Steele. That has been the last I heard from him.

  22. Hey Michelle,
    Wow. I see everyone else posting multiple times on tis particular blog site, and others, and in other spaces and place ’round the internet; but, for some reason, I am one of the few pegged as someone who posts “rantings”?

    Sorry Michelle, but I just don’t get it.

    The following was taken from your last post on this here thread:

    “I just want to know where I can go to find something decent to listen to. I can’t (refuse) to go back to 103.1 just on principle. Of course Chris Checkman might say something about my lack of principles, but I quite frankly could care less. I do what is good for me and what I feel good about….I just want some good music to go along with it.”

    You wrote that, Michelle; now I ask you to tell me what it means, as I haven’t a fucking clue!

    Believe it or not, just like you I do not own satellite radio, nor an iPod; so, if you were trying to paint me as some monied twit allowed into the Great Hall Of The New Era Of Music, you are sadly mistaken; and, have I once knocked anyone for (paraphrasing here) “just want(ing) some good music”?, like you do?


    I wasn’t in any way trying to hold myself up as some sort of uber-cool cultural avatar of music, nor arbiter of same.

    While some, okay, might see certain things I play on a certain radio show I am alleged to have, on a certain station , as being rather music geek cool(rare jazz/blues from the 20’s to the 60’s), there is another side of me, which my alleged listeners already know– total geek for late 60’s/early 70’s AM radio pop.

    It what I like; and I could give nary a shit if it is deemed cool.

    Whether you have already deemed me an internet enemy or not; I like your letter, Michelle. Yeah, you missed a few rather relevant points– and tended to go for the jugular as opposed to just asking for the information….

    While I am sorry tnat your search for information is way too exhausting when you find more information than you could handle; I must say that such an onus is on you: Either dig/disagree with what there is out there on the net with which to debate; and, if you feel you cannot handle it, do not necessarily blame the poster, just because your head can’t handle words beyond a certain count, nor, as it seems, possibly understand just who it is I am attacking.

    Corporate entities who try and pass themselves off as “independents”, then hamstring their on-air talent….

    That’s what I am fighting against.

    Believe me, Michelle, I have some experience.

    But, if you would be somehow more mollified if I did it in somehow of a more dumbed down way (ie; “UR 2 dumb 4 me to 4get how dumb U R 2 ever let this sham go”, etc….)

    Well, sorry, Michelle, that just won’t happen.
    No iPod, no satellite radio here; just a love of music, and a long-standing hate of corporate radio’s co-opting and bastardizing of the culture of music, and local radio.

    I am just that pissed; and, Michelle, you either dig it, or you don’t….

    It may be a lark to you, but it means everything to me; so I do not care how many people get mistakenly pissed off…

    best wishes,
    chris checkman

  23. Chris,
    I do believe I asked for information, many times in fact. I did not go for the jugular once, nor did I have any attention to do so. I am not an angry or judgemental person nor was it my intention so appear so. I do, however, thank you for not being as condescending and plain rude (my impression only) in your posting to me as you have been to others.

    I do appreciate you for being such an enthusiast and a “fan” of good music. I, too, have a wide range of music preferences and some guilty pleasures. But you won’t find me ridiculing people for their opposing viewpoints. I am bothered (but that is my issue) by your rantings and tirades. They are lenghty and not informative. They provide information as you see it, but not facts.

    I do appreciate your skill as a writer, but the anger and apparent hostility behind it takes a lot away from your intended message. This is what I am trying to say to you. You may consider getting a column/editorial in a newspaper to vent, or perhaps your own website (you may have one already, but I have not checked).

    In answer to your question over my statement below:
    “I just want to know where I can go to find something decent to listen to. I can’t (refuse) to go back to 103.1 just on principle. Of course Chris Checkman might say something about my lack of principles, but I quite frankly could care less. I do what is good for me and what I feel good about….I just want some good music to go along with it.”

    My assumption is that you are asking what I mean by my reference to you. Well here goes, you have called people “time-wasting schmucks”, “little @#$%&”, “my stupid little context-fearing children”, and accused them of “waving the flag of blind hypocrisy”. I was prepared for you to criticize and ridicule me for my lack of principles when it comes to just wanting to hear good music wherever I can get it while still refusing to listen to 103.1 on principle, as opposed to joining your “side” of demanding the demise of coporate radio.

    I hope that helps to clarify things and does add to your aggression.

    Now I have a little more to clear up with you. I did not write that my “search for information is way too exhausting when you find more information than you could handle”. What I did say is that “All of this bantering back and forth is way to exhausting for me to keep up with.” What I was looking for was just plain information on the firing of Dicky Barrett and everywhere I look I fall upon your lengthy postings on the evil of corporate radio. I get it. It’s evil. Now let’s move on. Please find a forum to post your statements that someone who is actually looking for them will find, not someone who just wants to know what happened to Dicky Barrett. I’m sure you won’t, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    As for your attempt at what can only be my guess, seems to be humor. “But, if you would be somehow more mollified if I did it in somehow of a more dumbed down way (ie; “UR 2 dumb 4 me to 4get how dumb U R 2 ever let this sham go”, etc….)”. I am not looking for dumbed down postings. It actually took me longer to figure out your 2’s and 4’s than it would have to read “You are too dumb for me to forget how dumb you are to ever let this sham go”. It appears that you are trying to ridicule and condescend to me as you have done to others in the past. As I wrote earlier, I appreciate your skill as a writer. There is a lot of potential there. What I do not appreciate is the blatant hostility and anger for those who do not agree with you. I understand you have passion, but passion with aggression is not a positive mix.
    Again, I am not judging or criticizing your message, I only take issue with the means and manner in which you choose to deliver it.

    I’ll say it again, I am only looking for facts about the firing of Dicky Barrett and not others’ opinions on the evils of corporate radio. Unfortunately there is little of the former and an overabundance of the latter.


  24. Just wanted to clear up a typo before it is misinterpreted.

    “I hope that helps to clarify things and does add to your aggression.”

    Should read:

    I hope that helps to clarify things and does NOT add to your aggression.

    Also another typo in the first paragraph.

    I am not an angry or judgemental person nor was it my intention so appear so.

    Should read:

    I am not an angry or judgemental person nor was it my intention “to” appear so.

    I am sure there are other typos, but oh well.

  25. Michelle,
    I want to thank you for your most recent posts. Even if I feel you somewhat misinterpreted a few things, they were truly (no sarcasm here) much appreciated.

    In light of your recent words, I will attempt to explain/clear up a couple of things:
    1)The Length Of My Posts: Yes, I can go on and on; especially about music– and especially when faced with words from utter morons (no, not you…). Believe me, as a freelance writer with all manner of bridges burning in every direction, it is clear my so-called ‘style’ (really more a career-crippling character defect than anything) is not for everybody; but, at this point, I have kind of accepted it. In regard to blogging/responding (either here or on other sites), I’ve always seen blogs more as outposts of opinion, as opposed to information. If you look at the majority of those who blog here or elsewhere, you will see a far greater ratio of opinion to information; as everyone just wants to get their two cents in. Same with me; but, I guess I am objectionable because I sometimes get so cranky that I just run with it.

    Oh well..

    2) Guilty Pleasures/Corporate Radio: I have many skeletons of musical guilty pleasure in my closet; and as far your implied assertion that I wish all corporate radio to just go away and die– well, just check the presets on my car stereo and you will see nothing is further from the truth. Whatever my admitted musical snob leanings are, sometimes you just gotta eject the cd and hear some Foghat or the Dave Clark Five; and my car stereo presets are programmed for just such occasions! Truth be told, even the station I am alleged to work for is not punched into my presets….

    Finally, having grown up in an era where it was corporate radio which bent and shaped my mind to first hear the Guess Who when I was 7 or the Beatles when I was 5 on Los Angeles’ late and great AM powerhouse (93 KHJ), I have no great axe to grind blindly against all of corporate radio. As much as I wanna tear my face off and feed it to the coyotes when KRTH (again) plays “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison for the 4th time in any given day; or when that schtick-bound huckster Jim Ladd again tries to pretend that he’s somehow being ‘subversive’ by playing some Doors track (lamest, most bullshit LA band, ever…) or Pink Floyd’s “Welcome To The Machine” whenever the government acts up, I just wanna fucking die, as he has been doing the same thing since I was in HS in the late 70’s…

    But, it doesn’t mean that I don’t dig some weird guilty nostalgic pleasures. Just not those ones…..

    Not by a fucking longshot (especially the tired dreck Ladd continues to pump out; as it is just lame…)….

    Michelle, my point never was the destruction of ALL corporate radio; as, given my background/guilty pleasures, etc., that would make me a hypocrite. For Chrissakes, my favorite band of all time is the fucking Beatles!


    Or not.

    Michelle, it was corporate radio, back when I was in first and second grade, which sort of started me on the road to being the music junkie I am today; so I was not in any way advocating the destruction of the entire business model.

    Just Indie 103.1fm.

    Yeah, sometimes they most definitely play some cool songs and whatnot; but, to me, this is not enough, as the whole construct of the station was built on a consultant driven/focus grouped lie. Hell, at least with KRTH and KLOS you kind of know what you’re getting, and sort of take it for what it is.

    The very brand name 103.1fm is built upon (“Indie”) is a slap in the face to those of us with whom the words still somewhat resonates. “Indie” is short for “independent”; and the entire history and focus of the station was to somehow co-opt the notion of ‘independence’ in music, neuter it, and then spit it back out as a dumbed down pale version of it’s former self to the eager and unwitting masses.

    That one thing is what pissed me off so heavily. Period. But maybe I am too much of an asshole purist, in that I never wanna hear Deniece Williams’ “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” on KRTH any more than I wanna hear Ryan Cabrera’s version of CSNY’s “Ohio” on KLOS or Clay Aiken’s version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” on 103.1fm.

    No, none of these things have happened. Yet.

    But, give the big fake machine time, and, in time, you will see and hear shit that will have the effect of a shiv rammed through your heart, if 103.1fm’s march into our collective consciousness is to continue.

    If your experience is different than mine, then I must accept the difference in our perspectives; but, please, Michelle, do not write off completely what I say today, simply because it hasn’t happened yet. As it will happen.

    Trust me.

    If you wanted more ‘facts’ and less opinion, as it all stands now, this will mean nothing to you; but, please understand two things:

    1)blogs are mostly opinion-based, and all I have done is merly shared my opinions….

    2)When the corporate backers behind “Indie” eventually show their true colors (this will be sooner than later….), I hope you will remember me as something other than a crackpot.

    As it will happen.

    Remember, Michelle, I told you so…..

    best wishes,
    chris checkman

  26. *******INDIE 103 Threatens to Sue Little Radio********

    So guys, INDIE is threatening to sue me. I own, which was originally a stab at Clear Channel’s illegal involvement with Indie. This is a paragraph from the certified letter I got:

    “We have also discovered that Little Radio is using a logo or design mark that copies the design mark that is used by our client for it’s
    INDIE 103 radio station. Little Radio’s use of it’s confusingly similar logo aggravates the confusion of the public caused by your blatant
    infringement of our clients INDIE 103 mark. This use also illustrates Little Radio’s bad faith in registering and using domain name”.

    As I’ve said all along, if Mark S. or anyone from Indie would have emailed or asked for the domain, I would’ve given to them at any time. I seriously could care less about it. I’m happy to give them the domain, though I think it’s total bullshit that they feel the need to strongarm me with threatening letters from lawyers in Chicago. Way to spend money guys!

    As far as the logo dispute goes, considering that Shepard Fairey created both logos, and especially since Shepard was given no direction from me or anyone @ Little Radio about how the logo should look. INDIE 103 is threatening to sue me, basically, because Shepard stole from Shepard??
    They should look at Shepard’s work and take note of his “style” not to be confused with their “mark”


    They’ve given me till Friday to “cease” the use of my logo. Yea, okay.

    LA’s Only True Independent, My Ass.


  27. Ahem!

    To TCO,
    I am this “Chris Checkman idiot”, as you call me; and, before you say another word you may be better served in doing a bit of research before you come out into the bigger world with some sort of “you’re momma”-type attempt at a beatdown on me. If you, TCO, think my spending a half hour every few nights writing about something I know is somehow evidence that I should “get a life” (how original, you hack internet shitbag…), perhaps you need to hire a full-time orderly or minder to keep you away from the internet or other things that could somehow further compromise your tenuous hold on reality. Was it that I didn’t say it in a short enough time to appease your limited attemtion span? Did I make you cranky by using words you could not understand? TCO, until you have something of greater substance to add (whether I agree with you or not), I suggest you go back to whichever remedial SpongeBob site was teaching you math and language skills, and just enjoy the flashing lights, okay?

    You fucking dime-a-dozen-contrarian-without-an-argument piece of internet trash…

    Most likely you will rip the shit out of me, should you read this; but, I do not care. I only seek to clarify what I have been trying to say all along.

    I have nothing against Shepard Fairey. Period. My only complaint, then/now/always, has been with the way 103.1 has tried to insidiously market itself as somehow being independent (you know– a bunch of free thinkers who just happen to be guided by a massive national corporation, reliant of focus groups, mid-level management types etc., etc.).

    Yeah, real fucking “Indie”, huh?

    Though I am trying to be somehow conciliatory here, LATAURUS , you (and YAWN) are more than free to simply dismiss me as some bitter shit who works for a radio station with only 20 listeners (YAWN’s words…); but, sould you do so, just to keep up appearances, you will prove completely that you have purposely missed my entire point, just because you want someone to be pissed off at.

    Read what I am about to write, if you would do me such a favor– then go back and read what I wrote previously; and, again, it would be a great favor, as I think it might shed some light on just what the fuck I was trying to say, and how I was trying to say it.

    LATAURUS: I had no idea you were affiliated with Little Radio, as I saw nothing saying such in your posts to me– and, if you were to go back and read what I originally said in regards to my misgivings regarding 103.1fm, you might see something beyond merely a kneejerk reactionary response. Yeah, I know you and YAWN seem to think that because I work for a small radio station that it was somehow just all about the “fuck the big boys routine” by some non-commercial radio lifer like me. But, and believe what you want; it wasn’t.

    My ENTIRE point about all this was that, from the beginning, some of us could see that the very notion of fake-“Indie” 103.1fm was a sham and a lie. I did not say any of this to try and somehow look cool; as I could not give a shit about that type of idiocy. I’ve had my acclaim and have taken my bows; so it isn’t like I came onto this site to try and recruit new believers.

    Maybe you can dig it, maybe you cannot; but, there is a reason I have stayed put at the small station where I toil– and that reason is this:

    I’d rather just play the music I want to play, and say what I want to say.

    Without interference.

    Radio for radio’s sake. Listeners first.

    I think the big corporation’s action against Little Radio fucking sucks. No, it does not in any way surprise me; but, my considerable nose is filled with it’s stink.

    Maybe you will continue to see differently, LATAURUS; but, it turns out we’ve been on the same side all along.

    While stated differently, it turns out our argument is the same, as is our common enemy. There are two ways to go:

    We (all of us who now see 103.1fm for what it is…) can either give the big corporate boys their wish, and fight against each other, face to face (thereby thinning our ranks); or we can stand side by side, and no longer allow ourselves to be pushed around and told what it is we desire. THE MARKETPLACE IS THE DOMAIN OF THE CONSUMER, AND NOT THAT THE OF THE CARPETBAGGING PROFITEER! THEY ONLY KNOW THE NUMBERS ALONG THE BOTTOM LINE; AND IT IS ONLY FROM SHEER NUMBERS IN OPPOSITION THROUGH WHICH THEY CAN BE BEATEN!

    You two (LATAURUS and YAWN) have been big enemies to me during the past week; and, as we fought one another, the bigger enemy to us all just sat back, laughed, ordered in a few hookers…

    And smugly waited for it all to go away amidst our in-fighting.

    I say it is time we stop being their puppets, and started appearing in their nighmares. It can be done! Instead of fighting each other, we fight together against the ivory-towered shits trying to play us as marionettes– killing each other off, and letting their argument grow like the ever-festering culture-killing tumor that it is.

    LATAURUS/DAVE; YAWN, and TCO, too:

    Either the mudslinging continues; or else we put it aside, and somehow as a group start swinging against the external enemies that brought us all here in the first place.

    I’ve made my decision; I’m in.

    Are you?

    best wishes to all,
    chris checkman

  28. I’m not affiliated with Little Radio.

    I just hate Indie for firing Dicky and I think they continue to behave like corporate assholes.

  29. Chris,

    H.L. Mencken would be proud.

    There’s only one thing you need to know about the internet:




  30. Hello Chris, you might be a misanthrope but I love you, you crazy bastard, even though you resort to base insults laid down on those that disagree with you. Which is kinda like burning down your own house, even though I get that’s your point. You’ve got great taste in music, just get a hold on your anger. Anger is truly a gift but in these times we need to focus it on all those right-wing terroism=war=oil-loving, corporate-fellating, women-hating, homophobe self-hating Christian Armageddon fucks. Spend more time agitating for thing that really matter, then we can worry about the radio, ’cause radio is a lost cause, my friend.

  31. Chris Checkman is a gigantic douchebag and cries because no one listens to his radio station.

  32. No, he seems very smart, well spoken and he seems to know what he’s writing but you RAOUL DUKE seem to be an infantile douchebag.

  33. Wow…

    Last night, I tried to post a response here to recent comments made by LATAURUS, TCO and H.A.A.V; but, toward the end, I hit the wrong button and lost everything. I was pissed; but, them’s the breaks.

    Anyway, here’s the much shorter version of what I meant to post last night– with a special new message for RAOUL DUKE, too!

    LATAURUS: I mistakenly took from your earlier posts something implying that you were somehow affiliated with Little Radio. A complete misinterpretation on my part. I was wrong, even if my occasionally still-beating heart was in the right place. My apologies.

    TCO: I went off on you; but only because you went off on me first. Still, your last post here was much appreciated (even though I agree I am best at burning down my own house, I still disagree on the point you raised about radio being a lost cause). Thanks for writing back; but I still think (idiot dreamer at the bottom of a bottle that I am) that radio can and will be saved.

    While I (being so unsavvy in regards to the internet and it’s shorthand) have absolutely no idea what ))>(( means, being referenced alongside Mencken is, to me, a great compliment. Believe it or not, such a reference was made once before in the L.A. Weekly (along with references to Lenny Bruce and Ambrose Bierce, I kid you not)– and, while I believe I have as yet done nothing to merit such comparison or reference, it never hurts to know that some people outthere think you (in this case, me) are walking in the high cotton. Thanks for the kind words.

    COFFEEBAG: Thanks for being open-minded about what you read previously; and thanks for writing my opening line to…

    RAOUL DUKE: Hey ‘Raoul’; how’s it going? Wanna start a fight out here in the dirt? Were you calling me out, while hiding behind ‘your’ nom de plume?

    Well, here I am, Hunter S. Shithead. Best that you make out your will now, you posuer assface motherfucker.

    Before I begin eviscerating you, I feel it best to let everyone know that my main argument is not with your pedestrian swipes at me (“douchebag”– oh how proud Howard Stern would be!), or the shows I do at a certain radio station (“cries because no one listens to his radio station”), as I need only twitch my neck to brush off such elementary shit, especially from some dipshit, attention-seeking nothing as yourself.

    My show and my station do fine enough to keep on doing what we do; which is all we want– and, said station is more than happy enough to let the quality of music it pumps out speak for itself.

    If you can’t dig that, it’s cool. Everyone’s gotta love something; and I am fine if less than everyone loves what I or we do, as this isn’t some ‘crown the best whore in Indiana’ contest, so who gives a fuck?

    Maybe you only know from radio as far as listening; but, I can tell you that from this end of it, we are reaching exactly who we want and need to reach– and, if you and your friends are not among that crowd well, somehow we’ll still be all right….

    We always are.

    And, when have you ever heard/read of me crying because “no one” listens to the station which currently employs me?

    That’s right, bitch, you haven’t….

    But, enough of such trivia.

    My real gripe with you, ‘Raoul Duke’ lies in the gall and temerity that somehow led you to choose your very screen name on this site:

    “Raoul Duke”.

    Are you fucking kidding? It is some kind of grand and twisted cosmic joke that a nitwit like you, who carries the language like some sort of Crisco-covered two by four should dare somehow take the name of “Raoul Duke”?

    Lemme guess, you somehow won an 8th grade spelling bee when you were 19 years old, saw the Johnny Depp movie, and then had some fat honker chick tell you you were deep while you drank a couple of Meister Braus and read of Thompson’s suicide in ROLLING STONE…

    And..what? Decided you were his heir apparent?

    I can just imagine the moment the sperm hit the egg in your collapsing uterus of a head:

    You: “Hey everyone, I’m Raoul Duke!”
    Unknown Porky Chick: “Wow, does that mean your, like, Mexican; because it would really piss my Dad off and make him notice me if I, like, dated, or got knocked up by a Mexican…”

    “Raoul Duke”, you are a heretic to me. In your efforts to try and look “cool”, you have singlehandedly debased the name and legacy of one the greatest writers this planet will ever know!

    This might’ve been fine, if at least you gave off some evidence that you could actually write; but, you do did not– and your previous words (which were originally intended as a shot at me) instead stand as a shot fired in the direction of considered thought, and every serious writer, everywhere.

    Moreover, you little know-nothing shit, your greatest offense was that you somehow connected your ill-conceived screen name with that of the literary legacy of a writer who deserved a better tribute than some hack meth-addict Gomer like you just ripping off his assumed identity in oder to somehow build up someone as weak and shitt as yourself, simply because you are a sad, know-nothing nobody with nothing at all original to say.

    Yeah, I’m sure Thompson would be really thrilled that an idiot such as you has decided to honor him by setting the language back about 100 years with your lame, bullshit, “yo mama”-level crap.

    Back off you poseur little shit.

    Next time, I won’t go so easy on you; and I hope anyone else here who feels the same will go off, as well….

    “Raoul Duke”?

    you wish, you little shit….

  34. Chris, the degree of articulation with which you argue your points is nothing short of impressive. Were you the captain of your continuation high school debate team?

  35. Hey Chris, just wondering: if a radio show is broadcast in the dead of night but no one is listening, is it really a radio show?

  36. How do people not hear what Chris is saying and post dumb shit like
    “Hey Chris, just wondering: if a radio show is broadcast in the dead of night but no one is listening, is it really a radio show?”???
    It’s a current administration type of move, and an ignorant and insulting way to ignore the point he’s making. If you don’t agree, take some time to address the issue. Not just make a random “drive-by” bullshit comment that means nothing, holds no weight, and makes you look stupid. He took some time, do the same or don’t bother.

  37. To All Detractors,
    This is, in all likelihood, my last response post here on this website, so, if any of you wish to continue any sort of dipshit argument you cannot possibly backup, just write me at [email protected]

    This means you YAWN, and DEADAIR(you two scared-assed know-nothing little shits). Continuation high school debate team? Sorry, YAWN; but I wasn’t one of those twats; and sorry even further, if you think someone who can talk above a 6th grade level had to go to a special kind of school to do so.

    You moron.

    Hey, DEADAIR: I am pretty fucking sure you chose your screen name (pretty clever, the whole “dead air” conceit, huh?) just as a way to somehow oppose me; but, if you were to do enough research, you would see that your attempt at somehow cutting me off at the knees with your faux-sarcastic swipes are really without merit; but, who gives a shit, anyway?

    I just wanted to write here in the first place; but, once folks decided to go all personal, all bets were. and are, off. Nice try, DEADAIR; but, always remember this: I never tailored my screen name as a shot against you.

    Because nobody has ever fucking heard of you, nor will they ever again.

    LOL: Whether you were trying to insult me or not, I take your words as high praise….

    COFFEEBAG: While I am totally with you on agreeing with me (how could I not be?); I’d have loved your posts anyway, as they seemed to scream out only for intelligent argument, whether said posts agreed with me or not. You, COFFEEBAG, just only happen to agree with me; but, I can totally get the fact that, even if you were totally opposed to my views, you still would have, most likely written the same posts– asking people to only see the evidence, and decide outside their clearly drawn biases.

    Somehow, your last post, in it’s even-handed way, is the most fitting way for me to go out here.

    Though I must also thank you for agreeing with me….

    Five hundred characters just ain’t enough.

    Thanks metroblogging, for the forum in which to speak; however limited the time was.

    Goodnight, and goodbye, forever…

    chris checkman
    ([email protected])

  38. So Chris Checkman is leaving us. I guess that means we’ll get to see more of his less-rambling alter ego “Coffeebag”.

  39. YAWN: Forever is a lot shorter than I’d imagined. As is the new “500 characters” rule; butg, maybe I’ll just slowly grind things down here. Wanna talk some shit? Write me at [email protected]; and bring your chickenshit pals, too

    You couldn’t keep your mouth shut, so now I am part of your everyday life…

    backing down from no one,
    chris checkman

  40. TO ALL: Hey, since that last test post got through (the one to everyone’s lil’ idiot pal, YAWN) perhaps I might try and stretch things out a bit, just to see how far we can take this, and for how long:

    If all goes well, I could be up until sunrise; which would be fine by me.

    To YAWN, and the rest who oppose me and my words on the blog from which I will soon enough be chased: I have no problem with opposing views. Not at all!

    My problem is, simply, with idiots. You know; just like you! Know nothing/say nothing ‘tard-shits who speak on people and issues with which they have no familiarity whatsoever; but are so cowed and stricken by anyone who speaks/writes longer than their peanut-sized brains’ atteention spans can handle, that they just get all pissy and fidgety– like babies in need of a diaper change or a visit from Child Protection Services.

    Sorry kiddies, if the home-schoolin’ (or no schoolin’ at all thing) didn’t prepare you for someone who might, on occasion, speak at length. Sorry if your being raised on text message shorthand didn’t let you know that some of us out here still actually use complete words, sentences and (gasp!) paragraphs to make our points.

    Alarmed? You should be; but, given the level of reprisals sent in my direction, I am not at all certain that you even know what the word “alarmed” means.

    This aside, the really troubling issue, to me is this:

    I have taken the time to (in this case) listen to the issue at hand (fake-“Indie” 103.1); and, whether you agree with me or not about my stance regarding 103.1 is not a point of argument!

    I can totally understand an opposing view; but, I will never let go the blitherings of the misinformed, or those who outright have never heard my alleged shows on the station with which I am allegedly associated.

    Hey, if you’ve LISTENED TO SAID SHOWS AND SAID STATION PROGRAMMING IN GENERAL and just didn’t dig it; I am totally fine with that!

    If you took the time to listen, and it just wasn’t for you, I may disagree (given my alleged bias); but, at least you have heard the evidence, and decided for yourself based upon your assessment of relative merit.

    In other words: It’s all “subjective”; but, idiots, a great part of “subjective” opinion is…

    Allowing yourself to be SUBJECTED to it!

    At least have the balls to experience what you criticize, before you shoot off your idiot mouths, like the experts on nothing that some of you are.

    Oh yeah, before I go: I admit I overreacted somewhat last night upon reading about the new “500 character” rule for replies. Given how much I love this site, I thought it a total bummer; and figured, given how it takes me an hour to say hello or tell someone the time, tjat it was pretty much over for me here– hence my valedictory speech.

    But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is simply a small hurdle; and too small a hurdle to just throw away how much fun this site has been for me in the past few months.

    Given my druthers, I would of course be able to just come on, and write at any length to my heart’s content– opining away in any and every which direction, at my overly verbose leisure.

    But, these are new times for outsiders here such as me; and given my feelings for said site, just walking away before at least taking a run at te soon-to-come new strictures would have been something of an admission of defeat.

    And, to those who have fired their misdirected idiot screed in my direction without taking the time to look into the issues upon which they so freely speak:

    If I can’t beat down morons such as you in 500 characters or less, each and every time, I’d gladly shove a gun in my fucking mouth.

    But, since a certain strain of you are such brainless kneejerk reactionary figures, I’ll never once have to taste the cold blue steel.

    As I said before, I can dig opposing viewpoints from intelligent types. We don’t need to agree on everything. But, what I cannot let slip by are the blitherings of certain imbeciles who just rant and go off because they think doing so will somehow give them an identity.

    Fuck that noise.

    If I can get along with Republicans who at least state their case in an intelligent fashion, I can certainly have an amicable ‘agree to disagree’ discourse with those who do not see eye to eye my views on music/radio/etc.

    Monosyllabic attention-deficit morons are an altogether different story; if anyone wants to take a longer stab at this, write my aforementioned email address.

    And, for those of you shrub-brained idiots who think this now somehow levels the playing field, it doesn’t.

    Be it 5,000 words or 500 characters, they can tie one or both of my hands behind my back; and I’ll still enjoy rattling the cages of of every idiot out there.

    Because idiots are just plain fun to me.

    Oh yeah, for all the 103.1 apologists who have taken subtle knocks at the station I allegedly work for in trying to somehow make 103.1 seem as though it is even on the radar as to how influential a certain little station has been, let me just say this:

    Groove Radio. Mars-FM…

    Get it? The frequency of 103.1FM here in Los Angeles has been, over the past decade, lime some middle-aged hooker who traded in her dried brown labia for a revolving door or rusty old turnstile. Yeah, 103.1 had the powerhouse triumvirate of Jonesy, Rollins and Scientology Boy; along with the corporate muscle of Entravision (ie. Clear Channel), to boot; but, said fans of the dangerous consultant-approved programs from those three scary-talented stars had better hope The Big Three can speak Spanish or else are well-versed in foofy lite rock/r&b, because that’s where this latest 103.1fm disaster is headed. Again.

    Meanwhile, poky lil’ KXLU (88.9fm) will continue supporting actual, real indie music for years and years to come, without fail, and without compromise.

    The one and only real independent station in this city is te very station that set the standard for every other such station in the country:

    KXLU, 88.9fm.

    Yeah, we’re a small station; but, we’ll be dancing on “Indie’s” grave.

    For a reason.

    chris checkman

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