Because parking is funny.

If there are two things you should’ve learned about by now it’s that we’re always going to post about biking and when people park like idiots we’re going to take their picture and put it on the internet. This parking warcrime is brought to you by the awesome folks in my building. A lovely building that not only includes my place of work, but at least two calling centers for at least two different phone companies, also a weird men’s clothing store that I’ve never seen anyone inside of, a yoga center, an urgent care clinic of some sort (I think?) and a place that’ll tattoo makeup on your face! Seriously, you think you have weirdos around where you work. . .you haven’t seen squat. Anyway, they are so awesome that this is how they park. I have to admit it was pretty funny to watch them all trying to undo the puzzle they’d created when they all wanted to go get lunch. (click on the image for a the biggie-size as well as a bit wider view)

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