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Last week I went to Silver Lake Wine for the first time. As per my usual self, I had been wanting to go there ever since they opened but, yeah, I get lazy. After the urging of some friends combined with a dinner party where I concluded that a pink sparkling wine was a must, I paid my first visit. I had heard that SLW folk were friendly and very knowledgeable about wine and my experience was more than pleasant. After telling them what I needed (dry Cabernet – $13) and sparkling wine ($28), I got exactly what I wanted and my taste buds were thanking me later. I can’t wait to go back!

To familiarize yourself with wine because if you’re like me, you like to drink it but it doesn’t go much beyond that, Silver Lake Wine has a variety of tastings throughout the week. And, as luck would have it, there’s one tonight…

April 3rd from 5-9 pm
$12 per person (includes wine with cheese from the “Cheese Store of Silverlake”)
No reservations required

Featured Wines are :
Montecastelli Bianco// Tuscany 2004
Madigan Cabernet Sauvignon//Napa 2003
Hare’s Chase Red Blend//Barossa 2004

Silver Lake Wine
:: 2395 Glendale Blvd

5 thoughts on “Silver Lake Wine – Blue Monday”

  1. After wine-ing, you could also buy a used CD at Rockaway Records, get a tattoo next door, buy screens for the smoking implement of your choice at Little Treasures, do some yoga at Still, and get a manicure all with one parking space. RAWK.

  2. It’s great, but a little far for me, especially with traffic. Are there equivalent wine/cheese experiences on the Westside?

  3. I went to this a few months back. It was a bit of a mob scene – impossible to hear the schpeel about the wines and we rarely got any cheese as the plates were often mobbed. (And they didn’t tell us what the cheeses were, which was one of the things I was interested in.)

    However, the wine was interesting and we’ve always been very happy with the information that we get from the folks there.

  4. I know the Wine House has both tastings and classes (they’re on Cotner near the 405 entrance, near Olympic) but I haven’t attended one yet and can provide no more info! Heck, I’d call the Cheese Store (mmmm, so stinky) in Beverly Hills and ask them if they do any events in conjuction with a wine store in the area.

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