My Knees, my toes

Yesterday was my second pole dancing class and by the end of the class we broke out the shoes.

Before I moved to LA, I don’t think I bought a pair of high heels for almost 10 years (save my 6 inch thigh high Aeon Flux stilettos). I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing such girly shoes, not to mention how they can disfigure your feet. Go off on this tangent to learn the origin of the Stiletto.

For some reason, when I moved to LA, I started getting into high heels for regular day to day wear and more recently I’ve become a fan of platform boots. There’s a kind of walk you have to walk when you’re walking on the balls of your feet. I suppose that’s probably why guys like heels so much.

But back to class, which is challenging enough before even stepping up to the pole. The floor exercises worked my triceps, biceps, ribcage, shoulder and back. And I’m not even wearing shoes yet! With my body aching from the waist up, Gabrielle, my teachers, tells us to put on our shoes and practice walking around in them. I had bought a new pair for the occasion a few hours before so this was my first jaunte around the room in them. I was fairly comfortable walking around in them. I practiced a few runway turns and walking and started to relax a bit. Then it was time for my encounter with the pole …. again.

Last week, I had a lot of fun spinning around the pole. But this week, when I approached the pole in my silver fire patent leather shoes I kept tripping and stumbling. The pole was psyching me out. Where were my perfect lands? My spins? I stopped and tried them again sans shoes and realized that my arms had been so worked by the floor exercises that I was exhausted. I was able to get in a few good spins with the shoes later in the class, but next time, I’m definitely doing less floor, because spinning around the pole is a lot more fun than writhing around on the floor.

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  1. OMG those shoes are hot, where did you get them? I should take up a pole dancing class. Just in case my whole career thingy doesn’t plan out at least I’ll have a back up plan ;)

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