(Musical) Mondays this month!

It’s that time of the month again, the time when everyone’s favorite venues in LA get new Monday night residencies! Here’s what’s for the listenin’ and the viewin’ every Monday this month (for free, yo!)

At SpacelandArmy Navy
Think rock/pop tunes with catchiness and goodness. If you like Teenage Fanclub or Mudhoney these boys may be for you. Also, they are quite the ladies men, so watch out. Seriously. I’ve seen things.

At The Silverlake LoungeMadman Moon
These guys are supposed to sound like angular hipster-rock combined with a more bluesy/western rock. I guess that’s true if you remove the hipster-rock part of the equation and replace it with a tiny dollop of normal-pop (normal in the good way, really). If you go to their website to download some tracks don’t read their bio. Just get the tracks and get out. Seriously. I particularly like The Pattern (right click on that action and ‘save as’ to download it!)

At The Echo – Entrance
I am not a creative enough googler to find any info on this band. Perhaps it is because they have a name that is also a common word used in describing EVERYTHING, or maybe it’s because based on what they have up at The Echo’s website they look like they’ll be freaky and noisy and all psychedelic and maybe do so many drugs that they don’t know what the internet is. Go to the Echo tonight and tell me which it is.

-Peter points out in the comments that he is smarter than I am by dropping Entrance’s website. Just because you can preview them online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go check them out. Really.-

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