Advent Children At The Arclight (UPDATE)…


Updating Friday’s post about tonight’s free screening (link via Joystiq) of Advent Children, I drove past the line at the Arclight this morning at 10:00 AM, and to my surprise, the line for tickets (which are supposed to be distributed at noontime) had already extended westward down Sunset, around the corner of the building, and south down Ivar.

I guess word got out.

UPDATE: Here’s a report from the screening (link via Joystiq). And yes, there were overnight campers, with the earliest reportedly waiting a whopping 16 hours in line!

3 thoughts on “Advent Children At The Arclight (UPDATE)…”

  1. It was pretty bad at noon. I turned around in fear it would start to look to like a downtown rally with cosplay.

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