Stealth Bombers Invading Downtown LA

Well actually they’re invading Elysian Park, and actually they’re not invading, just doing a fly-over to hype up the crowd at the season opener for the Dodgers. Last week this little gem snuck past my watchful eye on the newdowntown mailing list due to a bout of top posting, but luckily for me Sr. Garza caught it on his blog and in turn it popped up in my RSS reader:

Subject: BID ALERT


March 28, 2006

To All Downtown Property Owners:

Our friends at Dodger Stadium have notified us that as part of Opening Day on Monday, April 3rd, a B2 Stealth Bomber will fly over Dodger Stadium as well as all of Downtown Los Angeles.

We wanted to notify you as you may wish to alert your tenants as some may find it alarming.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


Carol E. Schatz

President & CEO, Downtown Center Business Improvement District

7 thoughts on “Stealth Bombers Invading Downtown LA”

  1. According to the MLB site, it’s going to be at 1PM. (There’s a link on Garza’s post.)

    I’m home sick from work today, so I might hop up to the deck with my camera to see if I can catch it.

  2. wow. i just so happened to step take the dog out to the yard at 1pm, and there it was. i would be totally freaked out if i did not know what was going on.

  3. i missed the shot too unfortunately. it was pure chance that i saw it at all. by the time i ran in to get my camera it was gone.

  4. We heard it and saw it like crazy in Glassell Park aka, “kinda sorta Eagle Rock”!

    It was RIGHT THERE (*points*) outside the kitchen window! My boyfriend didn’t know what was going on and called me to ask if Downtown LA had some sort of urgent pressing need for Stealth bombers.

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