A Hunting We Will Go

Originallly slated to tally-ho March 12, the great L.A. Treasure Hunt was postponed by the threat of rain and is set to take place today. Commencing at 1 p.m. (assuming that everyone sprang their clocks forward an hour last night) at Echo Park Lake, teams of cyclists will set out on a pedalquest around downtown, Echo Park, Koreatown, Silver Lake and MacArthur Park solving 10 clues and collecting goods that will all be donated to the Union Rescue Mission. The winning team will take home a grandprize grabbag purported to total more than $2,500. Even the losers will score, says Sean Carlson, the event’s organizer:

“And the losing team of the hunt, I’m talking about the team that gets too drunk and forgets to solve any clues and falls asleep in the park will be given one hell of a prize: a gold record by Insane Clown Posse with their team’s name inscribed in it and a half empty bottle of Sonny Brook whiskey.”

Team “Nobody Bikes in L.A” will include yours truly along with fellow B.la’ers Benhigh and Eecue, Blogdowntown’s Eric “The Great” Richardson and L.A. Voice’s Mack “Daddy” Reed. Whether we finish first, somewhere in the middle, or pass out in the sweet green icing next to the boathouse at MacArthur Park, we’re fairly certain that a kickass time will be had by all.

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  1. actually team Nobody Bikes in LA is sans benhigh as he is a tired, sick boy and bailed out. aaaw. . .

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