Okay. It’s been since last Christmas that I visited Brentano’s in Century City and as an Eastsider, I don’t get to that great bookstore as often as I should.

But on my visit there yesterday, I remembered why: IT’S THE LOUDEST BOOKSTORE ON THE PLANET!!! We’re talking Groundlings/SNL-sketch loud. Not just because they PAGE EACH OTHER CONSTANTLY ON THE P.A. but because even when they are standing three feet away from each other–or you–THEY SHOUT AT ONE ANOTHER instead of using their church voice. The manager is loud. The register people are loud. The stockers are loud (and yesterday, whiny). EVEN WITH EARPLUGS!!!

There’s a great deal going on there through Sunday, the 2nd: 4 books for the price of 5…um…5 books for the price of 4 (der). And since they’re now Borders Empire affiliates, you can use Borders coupons and sign up for the (free) Borders Rewards affinity program, you can get extra deals. But do your quiet browsing online and come in with a list. BECAUSE IT IS SO LOUD IN THAT STORE THAT YOU CANNOT HEAR YOURSELF THINK, MUCH LESS READ A BOOK.

2 thoughts on “TALE OF CENTURY CITY!!!!!”

  1. “through Sunday, the 2nd: 4 books for the price of 5” Is that such a good deal? Help me here! (It’s probably a typo, I hope!)

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