Spiderman Makes Good

Eric Richardson frequently talked about the chaos people who live in downtown have to put up with so film crews can get their shots. Building owners often get paid and residents often get screwed. Apparently that’s not the case with the recent Spiderman shoot, as Eric note that the studio left neighbors a parting gift:

Spiderman III has been filming in the alley for roughly a week. They’re all done now and finishing packing up, but this morning sitting at my door was the little envelope pictured at left with two Laemmle passes in it.

For a film with a budget the size of Spiderman III’s buying a couple hundred passes is nothing, but it’s a good little touch in my opinion.

Yes, there are major issues with Downtown filming that need to be addressed (mostly revolving around parking and street closures), but just having these shoots do something little for the people who have to put up with them is a nice start

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