Darko at Midnight

It’s hard for websites to provide the same kind of creepy experience of a movie. The Donnie Darko site does just this. It’s a labyrinth of dark http:// tunnels, cross-referencing each other and back to the movie. In addition the URLs and document directories speak in their own language, which is not your standard site structure directories. I’ve seen a lot of people try to do “art” website that fail to give an experience different from your standard web site, but the Darko site does just that. Successful discombobulation.

What does this have to do with LA? Well, Donnie Darko is playing at the NuArt Theatre, on Wilshire near the 405 this Friday at midnight.

Maybe you already know about Donnie Darko – but if you don’t you have a strange suburban down the rabbit hole adventure in store for you. Synopsis goes as:

Donnie is an unstable teenager in a not-quite-normal suburbia whose existence becomes even more surreal after a dislocated jet engine crashes into his room. Following that, he has a vision of a six-foot rabbit named Frank who tells him the world will end in 28 days. Twenty minutes of newly added, never-before-seen footage highlights this modern cult classic about a disenchanted teenager trying to make a stand in a lonely, chaotic world.

I’ll see you there. Or maybe I’ve already seen you there. Or just spend some time traveling the website.

Rocket Video Almost a Netflix Killer

rocket2.jpgSpeaking of Netflix, I know they’re a great service and serve a lot of people well, but those of that you live near Rocket Video at La Brea and Melrose might reconsider that monthly fee. It’s not a perfect replacement, but Members at Rocket get rentals for $2.49, and they have two-for-one rentals on Tuesday and Thursday. So, for ~$20 month you get four DVD’s a week and no throttling. They have an awesome, large selection including indie, cult and documentary stuff and a friendly and fun staff. Sure, you have to actually go the video store instead of wallowing in your own filth, but you’re supporting an independent, locally owned business. They also put on cool events and screenings, and if you’re lucky you might run into Diedrich Bader or Ron Livingston browsing the new releases.
Photo courtesy of some guy on this forum.

Some people just don’t appreciate a good documentary.

The thing about Netflix is that not only is it totally awesome (I use it instead of television), but those red envelopes are like a beacon to anyone around, they scream “HEY! Lookit me! I’ve get DVDs in the mail, like, ALL THE TIME!” A friend of mine in Echo Park has been having some theft issues as of late. He’s been pretty annoyed by it but ultimately amused as he keeps telling me that they’re all “movies that ‘normal people’ wouldn’t want to watch.” Well, whoever was poaching his movies has apparently wised up. My friend found this in his mailbox yesterday:


Now the Mysterious Netflix-Stealer Who Steals at Midnight has decided to start previewing the movies to see if they were movies “normal people” would want to watch. He clearly didn’t want to watch the Frontline documentary ‘Ghosts of Rwanda.’ Some people just don’t care about learning. Has anyone else had any trouble with Netflix discs, or anything else for that matter, disappearing from their mailboxes?

Time for Bribes?

If you’re been putting off registering for Streetwars, the round-robin water gun assassination game – you might have missed out – unless you have the right bribe. Culled from the registraion site:

Assassins! We quickly got dangerously close to the maximum number of players…we have not yet surpassed that number…this is where the pre-game gets interesting… The Shadow Government is, as any clandestine organization, corrupt. Meaning, we take bribes and do things for people because of said bribes… There are a *very* limited number of spots left…one of them can be yours or your team’s… How? Offer us a bribe…and know that it CANNOT be cash. Cash is useless to us, we pretty much own and run the international banking systems…so be imaginative and propose something good. We accept the bribe and you and/or your crew are in…otherwise, we can but offer you our most humble pardons. Stay Dry.

Glad I got my registration in. And I just picked up my incognito wig in Hollywood last night. So if you’ve got me as a target, good luck! See ya on the streets!

Ps. Check out CSI:NY for a look into the NY game tonight at 10pm on CBS.

Getting on the Getty

getyface.JPG Thanks to Jillian’s post about the availability of tickets to the finally open Getty Villa, I snagged some and went on Sunday morning. Even though I had to drive all the way from Mt Washington (beyond the standard east side) it was well worth the drive to get there early.

Back when I lived in Santa Monica and did the corporate commute up PCH to Thousand Oaks, I would pass the Getty Villa twice daily. I’d zip by with my convertible top down and catch glimpses of the renovation, only dreaming of the day they opened it. Well, lady luck provided.
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They’re ok.

The two teenaged girls who both disappeared from the same apartment complex have made contact. One of the girls called home last night, saying that the two wanted to be picked up from a home in Carson.

According to the write-up in the LA Daily News, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective J.T. Manwell stated, “From what we’ve learned thus far, they ran away voluntarily and befriended some people.”

There was no indication of drug use or foul play, but the case has been transferred to the department’s Special Victims Unit.

Glad to hear the girls are safe, but I’m interested in knowing what really happened. And if MySpace was really involved in any of this.

(If you missed the “Special NBC MySpace Investigation” a short transcript is available online.)

Tyra As A Stripper…

2006_03_01_tyra_banks.jpg(Photo courtesy of The Tyra Banks Show).

Leave it to Victoria’s Secret supermodel Tyra Banks, whose TV talk show tapes locally at CBS Television City next to The Grove and Farmers Market, to do some hard-hitting undercover work for us common folk.

Last November, she did a show about obese women. Today’s show features her going undercover as… a stripper:

In the ongoing “Undercover Series,” Tyra transforms into a stripper for a night to find out why men go to strip clubs, what they do there and if their wives and girlfriends know they’re there. Plus, she interviews a couple whose relationship was destroyed by his addiction to strip clubs. And, Tyra talks to girls who have been dancing for years about what they’re thinking while they’re dancing for men, if they ever get turned on and if they have any desire to get out of the business!

Honestly, is it that difficult to figure out? Newsflash: Men are pigs.

This being a sweeps month, I can’t say I’m surprised that Banks went for the titilation factor in playing up the fantasy of seeing her as a stripper.

UPDATE: The strip club in question was Pleasures Gentlemen’s Club.

More after the jump.
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What is wrong with teenagers today?

I cite 3 stories… one local, 2 non.

(Ok, I know it’s not “teenagers” as a whole, but these 3 stories involving teens caught my attention today.)

Teens Allegedly Steal, Crash Land Plane

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. – Two 14-year-old boys escaped with minor injuries after crash-landing a small plane that authorities say they stole from an airport hangar. The single-engine Mooney M20C belonged to one of the boys’ parents, and the pair was trying to run away from their homes, said Cindy Beavers, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. … The plane ditched in Joshua Tree National Park between 5:30 and 6 p.m. The boys suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene by rangers, according to park officials. Officials said they didn’t know why the plane went down but speculated it ran out of gas. [full story]

Teens play “football” with puppy. Puppy dies.

In this photo provided by the Edgewater Police Department, a 3-week-old Pekingese puppy is shown Friday, Feb. 24, 2006, at the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Edgewater, Colo. The puppy that two teenagers allegedly were using as a football died Saturday morning, Feb. 25, 2006, according to Jamie Petsitis, a spokeswoman at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital. Police operations Cmdr. Mike Marchese said the teens could face a felony charge of animal abuse. (AP Photo/Edgewater Police Department, Mike Marchese)

…and finally a story about a 12 year-old… which is basically a teenager, right?

Boy, 12, Sticks Gum on $1.5M Painting

DETROIT – A 12-year-old visitor to the Detroit Institute of Arts stuck a wad of gum to a $1.5 million painting, leaving a stain the size of a quarter, officials say. The boy was part of a school group from Holly that visited the museum on Friday, officials say. They say he took a piece of Wrigley’s Extra Polar Ice gum out of his mouth and stuck it on Helen Frankenthaler’s “The Bay,” an abstract painting from 1963. The museum acquired the work in 1965 and says it is worth about $1.5 million. The gum stuck to the painting’s lower left corner and did not adhere to the fiber of the canvas, officials told the Detroit Free Press. But it left a chemical residue about the size of a quarter, said Becky Hart, assistant curator of contemporary art. [full story]

::see what our friends from metblogs: detroit say about the gum story::

Newsom’s LA Love Tryst With A Scientologist

sofiamilos.jpgSan Francisco’s controversial Mayor Gavin Newsom has been staying at the Chateau Marmont while attending the Citizens Commission for Human Rights with CSI Miami star Sofia Milos, a Scientologist he’s supposedly dating:

On Newsom’s agenda: a little visit with his new actress friend, then off with her to the Beverly Hilton to attend the annual dinner of the Citizens Commission for Human Rights.

It all sounded innocuous enough, until someone found out that the Citizens Commission for Human Rights had been co-founded by the Church of Scientology to expose ethical violations by psychiatrists and to raise questions about the use of psychiatric medicines.

Until now, Newsom hasn’t appeared to be an acolyte of L. Ron Hubbard. Milos, however, is quite a proponent of Scientology, and has spoken out in support of legislation to stop the psychiatric drugging of children. (Source: San Francisco Gate, photo from Sofila Milos’ website)

Axl Rose (Update)!

Remember that photo of Axl Rose I mentioned earlier this week?

It’s since been removed, replaced simply with the word “Censored.” Funny enough, it’s the only photo that’s been censored on that party page.

It makes you wonder if Rose had a problem with the photo being posted (maybe because of the person he was photographed with), although it looked like he had no objection with having it taken in the first place.

Break Out Your Diamond Studded Mink Faux-Eyelashes Now

Latest Coachella dance tent addition?

MADONNA, on Sunday.

Now, either someone at Coachella HQ doesn’t understand that you play the jokes on April 1, not March 1 – or Madonna realizes that this is a move every bit as smart as a SPIN cover. I suspect the latter.

Oh, and they added Daft Punk, too, for the Saturday dance tent headliner. Modified lineup on the site to prove that this isn’t just another rumor like the Smashing Pumpkins reunion panic of 2006.