An Enigma, Wrapped in a Riddle, Wrapped in an eBay Auction

Holy Crap –


Outside of the Bletchley Park Post Office I’d never expect to be able to see AN ENIGMA MACHINE in the flesh (so to speak).

But due to yet another Internet Miracle, here’s one on eBay!

The other pictures in the auction are amazing.

What’s an Enigma Machine? Read and find out.

During WWII the Nazis thought they had created an un-crackable code machine, which they called Enigma. The first machines had three rotors, which scrambled the messages. Later in the war they went to five rotors (BUT THE ALLIES STILL KICKED THEIR ASSES because we were able to read all Enigma messages).

Here’s the item description:

3-Rotors German ENIGMA Cipher Machine

Fine example of a WW II Enigma cipher machine in a very good condition and a great history; full functional. Year of construction 1941 by Manufacturer Chiffriermaschinen Gesellschaft Heimsoeth and Rinke, Berlin. The Enigma machine is placed in an oak woodwork case. Three high-quality, all-metal, matched rotors and an Umkehrwalze “B”. The rotors are continuous numbered; serial numbers has been removed. There are two spare rotors in an additional small wooden box. Plug board is lettered QWERTZU…, wheels numbered 1-26. 100% Original!!! No Copy!!

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