Quality lunch

I have eaten breakfast at Quality (3rd east of Crescent Heights) many times, but today was my first lunch experience. I had the goat cheese salad, which is mixed baby greens with grilled “medallions” of goat cheese, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, avocado, and raspberry vinagrette. I did pick at my husband’s fries a little bit (he had the burger, and OK, fine, I ate almost half the fries) but the salad would have been enough food for a non-pregnant person with a normal appetite. The food was great and at 12:30 (a little early for lunch in LA) the place was a little less than half full and the service was good and prompt.

While we were paying the bill, Sarah Silverman came in with a very tall man and a very short man. Naturally I looked for the camera, but the set was a little too classy for Channel 101 and a little too open for Comedy Central, so I guess they weren’t trying to be funny.