My Neck, My Back…

If you’ve ever wondered why strippers have great abs it’s because it takes muscle to pole dance. Writhing around on the floor, on the pole, on the back mirror in platform heels is not a walk in the park. Why do I know? Because I’m taking a pole dancing class. Fellow writer Tammara joined me and may be posting some photos.

My teacher is the lovely and talented Gabrielle at Aphrodite Strip N Pole. I took her intro class earlier this year and yesterday got together with a bunch of girlfriends to start her 6 week course. Like knowing how to shoot a gun and fly an airplane, serious pole dancing skills may come in handy some day. It’s just one of those skills a girl should know.

Class is cross between Pilates and Ballet with added spice; and takes skills, technique and guts! I felt completely silly sliding my legs, butt and chest on the floor. Approaching the pole with my new walk and practicing tricks until my ankle and legs were bruised, I’m thinking, “could this possibly be sexy?” But then I looked around the room and I only saw totally hot sexy women. Graceful movements. Hair spinning around the pole. The moves were sexy on their own, which made me feel better, because that meant, I wasn’t looking like the big dork I thought I looked like. Once I relaxed, I really had a lot of fun spinning around the pole.

Gabrielle was a great instructor. We didn’t practice in bright overhead light, but instead had low light, candles and plenty of red poles, so we had to pair up at most. She walked and talked us through floor, bar and pole moves. She picked great music and reminded us to breathe and s l o w d o w n. It was a lot of fun and great to see my friends having a fun and learning something new. I was too.

Next week, we practice in platform shoes. I guess I’ll have a reason to go down to Hollywood Blvd and check out La La Shoes and the like. And then there’s the search for my home practice pole… that’s just what I need, another physical activity. But at least the boyfriend reaps extra benefits from this exercise.

2 thoughts on “My Neck, My Back…”

  1. (Brit reader)

    I remember reading an article in some girly magazine about poledancing РI think it said that Angelina Jolie has a pole in her bedroom. And that you can have a pole installed in your bedroom for (I believe) £150. So Рsomewhere shy of $300?

  2. I took Gabrielle’s taster class a while ago, and I had a great time. The only catch is that I don’t have the strength to support my body as it is. I promised myself, when I lost some weight and developed better arms, I’d go take that six week course. I’m glad it’s so rewarding for you guys!

    BTW, the other course in town I wanted to take was Bella Beretta’s burlesque classes. Burlesque is TOTALLY different than pole dancing. I took a seminar on it in Vancouver with Ducky Doolittle. Way fun, PLUS you get to design actual costumes and outfits, and I love that. That’s also something for the future.

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