Monday Morning Student Walkouts Throughout Los Angeles…

Hundreds of Southern Californian students across Los Angeles county (and across the country) continue the weekend of protests against the Sensenbrenner immigration bill and in support of migrant rights by walking out of their classrooms.

I was just woken up by a hovering helicopter above my apartment consistent with something I could probably catch live on local breaking news, if not CNN. According to local TV news reports, hundred of students from Fairfax High had marched up to meet up with even more students from Hollywood High (near me), and are now marching down Sunset reportedly aiming for City Hall, where thousands of students have already organized.

No word yet if all this walking will count towards extra phys ed credit.

LA Observed has additional coverage… and live coverage can be found via CNN Pipeline (subscription required)…

14 thoughts on “Monday Morning Student Walkouts Throughout Los Angeles…”

  1. At about 9:15 there were a couple hundred walking down the middle of Wilshire/La Brea as well. How come we never got to walk out of high school for anything?!

  2. By way of full disclosure, my late Mother’s side of the family was/is totally Mexican; and, yet, I am having trouble wrapping my head around the entire protest/marching thing.

    As I watched the news, for every one high school student interviewed who had something of substance to say, there were almost ten who had only these kind of words come out of their mouths for the cameras:

    Unidentified girl with too much of her tubby belly hanging out: “Well, we Mexican! We bringin’ it and represntin’, yo…Our parents (long silence during which I wanted to shoot myself) came here, you know what I’m sayin’, to…be here, with you all….”

    Unidentified boy trying to be a little too cool and hip:” My fam-lee, yo, they came here with nothing– and now look at us: MEXICO!!!!”

    All flashing gang signs, with the ‘word’ “yo” flying from their mouths every twenty seconds.

    Great image to portray on behalf the serious ‘Mexican’ population who just wanted to come here and work: A bunch of fat wannabe “diva” chicks; and doofy guys in cheapo throwback jerseys– all of whom managed to butcher the language in near perfect English accents, as they have lived here there whole lives– and yet, none of them said shit to further the cause.

    Maybe, given my heritage, I should be more sympathetic; but, I cannot. What might have been a moment of change instead turned into the March Of The Clowns– and, in so doing (to me, anyway)totally trivialized the issue.

    Personally, even though I come from a long line of Padillas and Jaramillos on my Mom’s side; I remain politically undecided as yet as to what to do with so-called “illegals”.

    On one hand, no one can doubt their comittment to work their asses off in the jobs most of us won’t take in order to better themselves and their families (either here, or back home).

    On the other hand, there is no denying that the kids I saw today on the news were utter fucking dorks, just spouting whatever shit fell easiest out of their slack-jawed faces.

    They are able to flash dipshit gang signs, but cannot articulate why they felt the need to protest (other than it seemed to buy most a day away from school…). Maybe their words worked for some, and touched some hearts; but, to me, seeing kids answering pointed questions with words along the lines of “yeah, umm, Mexico…my Dad and Mom came here, you know?”

    NO, I DON’T!
    Just what the fuck are you trying to say, kid?

    Even though my grandparents came here legally back during the early 1900’s, I am not without some level of sympathy for the new migrants, who just want to come here, work their asses off and send some money home.

    I get that.

    What I do NOT get, in any way, however, are the kids of said immigrants– those who aised here, and should know the language and what they are saying.

    And when asked by a reporter at what might be a critical point in the greater debate, the protestors (yeah, I know they were high school kids and all…) totally fucking fluffed it.

    Great, give the Repubs more to latch on.

    Again, even though I am of Mexican descent, I am not saying that every Mexican illegal alien is necessarily good– but the majority just want to come here and work hard to support their families. Anyone can dig that.

    It just pisses me off that the faces and crowd seen in such protests spoke like three year olds who only learned the language from DVDcopies of “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'”

    utterly fucking absurd,
    chris checkman

  3. I go to San Bernardino High School and about an hour and a half about 300 peers walked out of school marching to City Hall. I see no point in this, they should be in school proving to them that we mexicans are bright and we should be able to be here.

  4. I agree with Lorraine.

    Additionally, I wanted to bring up the point that I am a teacher in LAUSD Adult Division. I teach people from many different countries. They all seem to be sickened by the prospect of amnesty (or whatever it is called by the current politician) and “open borders” with the South… These students of mine worked for years IN THE SYSTEM to become a legal immigrant and value the title “citizen” that they worked so hard to get.

    It seems as if a lot of the protesters could give a shit about being a “citizen”. They just want all of the same benefits of citizenship other than voting (health care, education, legal protection)

  5. In response to Lorraine and Xray’s comments on the subject (though not directed at me): I have no problem with students in high school, college or whatever, staging a walkout/protest march over such a hotbed issue that may be near to their hearts. Where it all got kind of lost on me was in the words spoken by the HS kids when given an on camera chance to really put a defining face on such an issue:

    And, instead what we mostly got was squadrons of marchers flashing gang signs– and the majority of those who spoke wer just fucking idiots– even for teenagers. Yeah, perhaps it was stage fright in front of the cameras; but, while there were some who voiced very relevant points, the majority of those interviewed came across as fucking morons, more concerned with looking like what now passes for cool (you know, being repetitive inarticulate jackasses just trying to ‘represent’) than trying to articulate why they were “protesting”.

    In recent days, we have seen the cops go too far in treating some at these rallies like criminals; just as we have also seen some of these participating in said marches acting like monosyllabic clowns and buffons– as though they had no idea what is truly at stake here.

    Gang signs, last minute “know what I’m sayin'”-esque empty shouts and rhetoric– and even one guy carrying a padlock and chain in his hands!

    And, oh yeah, the by-now almost ritualistic walking out of class by one high school or another, merely looking for a free day off school or just to possibly get on tv.

    Blocking up freeways, looting some stores, saying lame idiotic shit; and pissing off the school system and the cops.

    Yes, this’ll all make a real difference when decision day comes.

    I thought the first, seemingly spontaneous, walkouts were great; but, now it is mostly about empty, atten-grabbing bullshit. Lorraine made a great point by saying these kids should’ve just stayed and taken their classes in school– and will even go her remarks one further:

    Yes, protesters, get your knowledge from the inside, and then branch it out. Stay in class, learn what you must in order to effectively bring about change. On top of that, stop giving the general public at large a reason to see you in a bad light, and start doing something that might bring about the results you desire….

    Instead of skipping classes, disrupting freeways and occasionally stealing from/lotting innocent shop owners (thereby giving Republicans only more ammo against you), why not channel all such jittery energies into doing something REALLY BIG, if you care so much about this issue?

    Why not continue going to classes to gain all the knowledge you can, with which to change the entire system; and, if you are looking to make a real splash, why not organize a statewide rally held in a central location on Easter Weekend?

    No, I am not talking some gang sign-flashin’ looterfest for idiot hooligans, either. Instead, I am proposing a true show of strength in numbers; wherein EVERYONE who attends also shows strength of personal character, by NOT looting or baiting the cops, and by treating wherever they might choose to hold said rally AS THOUGH IT WERE THERE OWN FUCKING HOMES.

    Find a centralized meeting place, make your voices heard by sheer number; and treat that place with the same level of care, gratitude and respect you would , as if it were your Grandma’s house.

    No idiotic vandalism, no looting, no disruption of any local traffic/activity; and, definitely, no bullshit confrontations with local law enforcement, either.

    Just sheer numbers. No one will sway anyone by getting on camera with a local reporter and blitering dipshit cliches in a T.O. jersey, either; so, if this happens, just let your leaders speak the words as the masses (you) carry the visual message.

    If this all sounds like a load of goody-goody crap on my part, perhaps you need to read it all again.

    Numbers. Brains. Character. Restraint.

    It’s up to you; but, the only way you’re gonna fight the power is to beat them at their own game…

    chris checkman

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    p.s . its all bout mexican. we run this shit. foo. haha…

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    Mexicans run this shit.

  9. To Brian Mora, Danny Robles, and those last two posters calling themselves some form of “Cris”:

    Thank you for your lame, slang-laden, misspelling-dotted posts; all of which meant fucking nothing. At least when I misspell a word, it is due to a sometimes slightly inebriated tpyographical error; as opposed to the only excuse you idiots (and, truly your age does NOT matter) have at your disposal:

    You, one and all, are truly morons.


    Let me now, happily, take you down; one by one– using your own tortured attempts at words to fashion individually designed garrots with which to strangle you on the basis of your absolutely ridiculously weak attempts at arguments.


    I’m Fucking Mexican for Jesus Christ’s sake!

    So, you know what that means? That means I can comment on this crap all I fucking want; and none of you half-retarded potted plants can change that. My surmane aside, as I said before, I come from a long line of Jaramillos and Padillas on my Mom’s side of the family. And, while I mostly grew up in West L.A.; I had a number of relatives scattered from Downey to Southgate, Vernon, Huntington Park, Montebello , Alhambra, and a few more Mexican outposts in the greater area.

    Yes, there were, at a few relative’s houses, even chickens and roosters in the fucking backyard– so any attempts on your collective parts to try and shout me down with idiotic and remdial cries of “its all about mexican” (from Brian), “thats right mexicans run this shit”– and the rest of Danny’s sad shot at being hard, while really saying lame subliteral bullshit; and we can just lump together the final two posters, as they should simply be burned and then fed to some porky chicks: “he is a fucken retard…Mexicans run this shit”:–fake Chris #1; and (had to include the whole thing bhere, as it is such a slashingly insightful piece of politcal rhetoric: ” fuck u cris eat a big ass fat dick you faget”….

    In the first place, you brainless internet wannabe street-hard pussies, my name has an “H” in it. Secondly, my girlfriend is gonna be really, really disappointed to learn that I am a “faget”; though, having actually paid attention back when she was in school, it will probably take her 10 or 20 years to even figure out what you morons mean by saying such a thing…

    Third: Are you all blind here? Yeah I (as someone who was born here) admittedly did not immediately flash up the Mexican flag, nor go for the kneejerk reaction shit you all did; but, does that make any of my points less valid? Of course not; unless you happen to be complete imbeciles.

    Which, judging by your posts, you most certainly are.

    Maybe you bitches do not consider me to be Mexican enough; but, what would be Mexican enough for one or all of you?

    Should I wear a white plastic cowboy hat and sell vegetables and flowers on the median strip along Venice Boulevard? Should I have the name of my street tattooed across my back in Olde English script, and then rape or murder a few innocents in order to look ‘hard’ enough to appease you? Should I forget how to speak or spell?

    Should I just jump to the head of the class and Tivo SABADO GIGANTE?

    You shitfucks just do NOT get it, do you?

    While you think jumping in front of news cameras, flashing your idiot-follower gang signs and screaming out bullshit slogans behind a reporter’s back is somehow gonna signal a great change; I am here to tell you it is not gonna do any such thing! While you think writing to people like me (of the same blood as you, by the way), and opposing us with your fourth-grade reading level and comprehension of events will somehow elevate you our your cause; the reality is that every idiotic flagging of a gang sign behind a street reporter, every moronic word into a microphone, and every last dipshit post such as those aimed at someone like me (okay, while I have no handlebar moustache or donkey, I’m still a Mexican, just like you, you idiots), only erodes the political leverage and position you are, assumedly, trying to seek.

    Why? Because you (specifically, the four of you–pretty much Los Beatles of the moron set) come across as idiots; and pretty much every word from your four-headed broken toilet mouths has set back whatever cause you think you believe in, but in reality know nothing about!

    I have no problem with anyone opposing my words; but, to the four of you, your entire premise was shit from the beginning!

    The truly bad, slang-based spelling aside; your platform kinda sprung a leak right around the time to tried to argue Mexican shit against…

    A Mexican.

    It is stupid assholes like you that will soon enough defeat the argument you pretend to protect and can not even barely begin to understand. You four are (and any other monosyllabic retards like you) are most certainly the best argument the conservative right wing could present in terms of asking for a greater closing of the borders.

    Personally, as I have said before, I am (no pun intended– not that any of you dopes would even know what “pun” means; but, who cares?) still on the fence about this entire issue. On one hand, I am of a long Mexican heritage; on the other hand, maybe I wish to reserve myself a chance to one day work a thankless job in a Studio City car wash– so I just do not fucking know, except for this….

    If you four really, really truly are pro-immigration; perhaps you all need to get together and promise to keep your dipshit idiot mouths shut.

    If any sort of relaxing in immigration laws in the country are to happen; then the Mexican people need voices that speak well their thoughts–and not just attention-seeking mouths merely willing to vomit what hey think their lil’ homies will dig and expect them to say.

    Get a viewpont, you sad little bottomfeeders…

    chris checkman

  10. Well let me tell you somethin people… im from middle school in the eighth grade and we organized a walk out. And believe me for those of you that are saying we should be in school proving that we’re bright, well I’m a straight A student. Yet i still walked off on Tuesday. Not because I wanted to skip school but because I am strongly against the propisition they were trying to pass… (which by the way the criminal thing has long been voted out – since monday)So don’t tell me that what we did was wrong… we made sure that everybody who was walking off knew why… we told people “if you don’t know why we’re walking off, or anything about the immigration battle don’t even come with us”. We informed people that walk offed about everything… so don’t tell me that we shouldn’t be walking off. We did what was right, and for those of you that are criticizes us, stop sayin stuff cause at least we do something. We stand up for what we believe in, what do you do?

  11. To ~~~~~~~~:
    My point was not that no one should EVER have participated in a walkout, nor did I say that everyone who participated was an idiot, either.

    The first, real school walkouts were cool, as they were from the heart; but, when it kept going on, day by day, from school to school…

    What I saw was not an unstoppable political firestorm so much as it seemed just another “get me on camera” lame stab at impressing similarly lame friends photo op.

    No, not by the majority of marchers; but by the majority of those who somehow wrangled camera time with a field reporter’s on-site crew!

    The sad fact is this: most of the people shown in short on camera interviews came across as utter dopes who sounded like they formed their arguments for the very first times in the seconds it took for the newspeople to set up their shots– all of which says to me: idiots takin’ a free day off of school.

    I have no doubt there were well-intentioned and smartly considered protesters out there, who would’ve been more than willing to put a rational voice to the group action. So why were they not seen? Can’t tell me it’s the fault of the media, either; as the media just loves fiery eloquent speakers– when they can get their hands on them.

    But there was no organization here; just swirling chaos– and thus the media was left with slim pickings when looking for some marchers to speak out on the issue.

    Sorry; but to me, some slack-eyed mope dressed in an Allen Iverson jersey saying “uh, my Moms, you what I’m sayin’?…like she try to make a thing for us so, uh, …MEXICO!!!”

    Yeah, ~~~~~~~~, you may have told the rest of what you were trying to achieve; but what I saw on my tv screen, they obviously heard almost nothing.

    And said even less. Much to the detriment of your cause…

    Protests and rallies need leaders who can speak on the issues at hand; as opposed to just mumble like idiots or flash gang signs– so a show of numbers without considered organization means nothing; and, in this case, has given your opposition plenty of dings in your armor at which to attack….

    ORGANIZE, for fuck’s sake!

    Oh yeah….

    To Chino,
    Someone as spectacular an idiot as you should either be in a circus, or in a jar otherwise filled with formaldehyde.

    chris checkman

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