I Just Flew in from CD13 and Boy Are My Arms Tired

I know what you’re thinking, “What can I do tonight that’s both civic-minded and potentially funny as all get out?” Boy-oh-boy do I have the thing for you! In yet another blatant attempt to actually communicate with his constituency, CD13 Councilman and City Council President Eric Garcetti will be a guest at tonight’s The Blank Blank Show at Improv Olympic West on Holllywood. I’m not a huge fan of improv, but I always liked the idea of improv talk shows. Full details at the CD13 blog, but the show starts at 8:00 and you can get tickets at the door or at http://iowest.com.

And, if you’re a GarcettiSuperFan™, he’s also speaking at the Greenfilms panel at the Silver Lake Film Festival, which is actually at the Arclight rather than, you know, in Silver Lake.