From Maximilian To Monsters folks over at Silver Lake’s Materials & Applications have been busy again. Last year they brought us the dazzling installation titled Maximilian’s Schell whose shimmering golden funnel paid homage to Disney’s kitchy sci-fi film The Black Hole (in which one Mr. Schell starred). Now in full effect at 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard is their latest hit titled “Here There Be Monsters” (click image to biggify; couple more images after the jump), consisting of a bamboo ramp bridging an ominous pool in which there may be things watching you.

From their flyer:

The uncharted waters of our spring/summer installation support living systems poised to respond to visitors moving within this outdoor exhibit space. A hand-woven bamboo bridge spanning the water supports surveillance and embedded control systems that work as the sensory and nervous systems for this living aquatic zone.

Spookycool, eh?

The installation, a collaborative effort by infranatural and Levitas, will be up through the end of June. The opening reception is scheduled for April 1 from 2 – 6 p.m.