Accessing Your Inner Sex Kitten: Pole Dancing 101

heather & tammara

Woooh! Heather’s post below is right on. My ass hurts so much today, I can hardly walk. For years I’ve admired how strippers so easily swing around on poles…and even fantasized about how much fun it would be. Now I know how much muscle it takes. See, I like to give my wonderful boyfriend treats…when he’s happy, I’m happy. So in that spirit, when Heather called and asked me to join her in the Aphrodite intro class to pole dancing, I figured why not?! I can kill two birds with one stone: i.e. learn how to take my clothes off without feeling and looking ridiculous, and I’ll give my honey a girly-fun surprise. Besides, really! How hard can it be to take your clothes off and prance around naked? Boy, was I in for a surprise! There’s even a trick to walking sexy: aka the ‘stripper walk’. It involves walking on the balls of your feet and swaying your hips back and forth in a tantalizing way. The teacher, Gabrielle kept reminding us to use our ‘barbie toes’. It was great fun, and yes, now I can swing around a pole with abandon! Yippee!!! Heather and I will keep you updated on our progress in the weeks to come!!!!